My talking angela 2

my talking angela 2

What to do in my Talking Angela 2?

Ángela está de vuelta en My Talking Angela 2, donde podrás seguir disfrutando de sus divertidas aventuras en una ciudad repleta de actividades. Cuida de esta popular mascota y recorre los lugares más increíbles mientras atiendes sus necesidades y la ayudas con todo lo que le haga falta.

How to upgrade my Talking Angela 2 to the latest version?

Using APKPure App to upgrade My Talking Angela 2, install xapk, fast, free and save your internet data. From Outfit7, the creators of popular virtual pet games such as My Talking Tom 2 and My Talking Tom Friends, comes the sequel to My Talking Angela! My Talking Angela 2 takes Angela’s game to the next level!

What can I do to help my friend Angela?

Help Angela get her hair done and express herself with fashion and makeup. Angela needs to kick back and relax sometimes after all this fun! Keep an eye on when she’s hungry or in need of a cat nap or a bubble bath. Take plane trips to find new items to bring home, and, most importantly, take good care of your friend!

How do you give Angela a makeover in my Talking Angela 2?

My Talking Angela 2 is a cool game to play, but it can get a little boring after you’ve been at it for a while. To make things more exciting, you can try giving Angela a makeover. Head on to the closet by tapping on the hairbrush icon at the bottom of the display.

What can you do with Angela in Animal Crossing?

Buy cakes in the bakery, dance in the dance studio or learn new recipes to put your skills into practice in the kitchen. On top of everything you can do with other pets, you also have time for Angela, who you can brush and wash after playing her favorite games. All the mini-games are designed for anyone to enjoy.

What is Talking Angela?

Talking Angela started as a mobile phone application for children. Angela is a white cat with blue eyes who has a conversation with you and can answer your questions.

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