What is an iMac?

iMac is a family of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers designed and built by Apple Inc. It has been the primary part of Apples consumer desktop offerings since its debut in August 1998, and has evolved through seven distinct forms.

Is the iMac the midrange Mac for You?

In The Mythical Midrange Mac Minitower, Dan Frakes of Macworld suggests that with iMac occupying the midrange of Apples product line, Apple has little to offer consumers who want some ability to expand or upgrade their computers, but do not need (or cannot afford) the Mac Pro.

Will the new iMac be 27 inches?

The leaker suggests that the new iMac will feature a display that is Apple’s biggest yet, thereby exceeding 27 inches. Perhaps Apple is looking to match the Apple Pro Display XDR and create a 32-inch all-in-one machine?

Is this a criticism of the Apple iMac?

While not a criticism of iMac per se, the integrated design has some inherent tradeoffs that have garnered criticism.

Which iMac should I buy?

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Will the new 27-inch iMac look like the 24-inch?

Apples upcoming 27-inch iMac will feature a thinner exterior design and be available in multiple colors like its 24-inch counterpart, according to a new report today.

Did Apple discontinue the 27-inch iMac?

Immediately after Apples Peek performance event on Tuesday in which it unveiled the Mac Studio and 27-inch Studio Display, Apple quietly discontinued the Intel-powered 27-inch iMac.

Is Apple going to release a new iMac 27 in 2022?

Its still likely we will see an iMac 27-inch or iMac Pro released in 2022, alongside either the recently announced M1 Ultra or a new M2 SoC. It’s unlikely that Apple would release a new iMac Pro and not release a regular iMac 27 – unless it’s going to discontinue the iMac 27 altogether.

Will the new 27-inch MacBook Pro have a mini-LED display?

It will replace the current Intel-based 27-inch ‌‌iMac‌‌, one of the last Mac models to still use Intel processors. Todays report also claimed it will not feature a display with mini-LED but will instead keep the LCD panel previously used.

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