Webcam pico arieiro madeira

webcam pico arieiro madeira

How high is Pico do Arieiro in Portugal?

Pico do Arieiro, with an altitude of 1818 metres, is the third highest peak on the island (and the second highest with pedestrian access). Fortunately it can be reached by car.

What are the best places to see on Madeira?

Pico do Arieiro is the third highest peak on Madeira with an altitude of 1818 metres. The views all around are stunning with clouds floating over the beautiful mountainous rock formations – it’s just impossible to describe. When the weather permits, the south coast, Curral das Freiras and even Porto Santo can be seen from here.

Why choose our Madeira Live HD Webcams?

Well, through our Madeira live HD webcams you may watch the capital for the first time or relive the wonderful holidays you spent here!

Can you see Porto Santo from the top of Mount Pico?

Views are spectacular up here, and when there is very good weather, it is even possible to see Porto Santo, the neighbouring island, which is situated 30 nautical miles to the north. An excellently built path leads to Pico Ruivo, the highest peak, however do reckon with a two to three hour walk.

Where can I find a 24-hour live webcam in Madeira?

Take a look at our NEW 24-hour live streaming webcam of Avenida do Mar Crosswalk, on the main street in Funchal, which runs east-west along the waterfront. This online feed is located at the Marina Shopping Centre, on the premises of Webcamtaxi in Madeira Island, Portugal.

What is there to do in Madeira?

For those who prefer quieter moments, we suggest walking along the Lido promenade and the many botanical gardens. Watch our Funchal Marina and The Ritz Madeira live HD webcams to witness firsthand the live action in the city centre. In terms of activities, Madeira has much to offer.

Where to watch Avenida Arriaga from Madeira?

Watch Avenida Arriaga from east to west on this live webcam streaming from The Ritz Madeira, one of the most important and historic arteries of Funchal, Madeira Island.

Where can I see Cristiano Ronaldo in Madeira?

For a different view of the city, walk to the ferry terminal (on the right side of the pier) and then along to the end of the breakwater. In this live webcam view we show you Cristiano Ronaldos CR7 Museum, as well as Pestana CR7 Hotel, at Praça CR7 in Funchal, Madeira.

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