Why choose CREL?

With the experience gained in the sector and thanks to continuous research for innovation, CREL since 2010 has been designing and manufacturing security systems suitable for satisfying the needs of all types of customers, even the most demanding, both in Italy and abroad.

What are the biological effects of CREL?

In contrast to earlier reports, CrEL is not an inert vehicle, but exerts a range of biological effects, some of which have important clinical implications. Its use has been associated with severe anaphylactoid hypersensitivity reactions, hyperlipidaemia, abnormal lipoprotein patterns, aggregation of erythrocytes and peripheral neuropathy.

Who owns the CREL name and logo?

The CREL logo is owned by CREL s.r.l. All other trademarks and logos are owned by their legitimate owners. The services offered by CREL are based on a consolidated Track Record acquired by working over 200 plants for a total of 3GW.

Who owns the logo of a logo?

The client owns the logo, ONLY after the artist signs over all rights to the logo to them. In order to assure our clients that they will own their logos, we put in our contract that once their bill is paid we will sign over ownership of the logo to them.

Do clients have the right to use their own logos?

First and foremost, clients should have the freedom to use the logo they paid for. Of course, logo design is crucial for a brand’s marketing. That is why a client needs to have complete ownership of the logo so that they can use it whenever and wherever they desire without fear of copyright violation.

Who owns the intellectual property rights to company symbols?

With respect to the Company Symbols, all ownership and intellectual property rights shall remain exclusively with Company.

What happens if the matter of logo ownership is not clear?

If the matter of logo ownership is not clear from start, there are chances that the client and designer will engage in untoward confrontation over it. This is something that no client would want, especially after paying for something. Theft and Inspiration: Wheres The Fine Line? Like this slideshow? Why not share!

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