Why choose Cybex?

As cadeirinhas da CYBEX oferecem segurança, design e fucionalidade. São mais de 200 prêmios nos testes de segurança europeus que provam que as nossas cadeirinhas estão entre as mais seguras do mercado. desde o nascimento até 18 meses aprox. desde o nascimento até 18 meses aprox.

What is the age limit for using Cybex?

Todas as outras cadeiras auto CYBEX podem ser utilizadas por crianças de até aprox. 18 meses. A série de cadeiras auto Sirona pode ser utilizada em contra-marcha desde o nascimento até aos 15 meses de idade, e depois em contra-marcha ou no sentido da marcha até os quatro anos de idade*.

Which Cybex car seat should I buy for my child?

* The Cloud Z i-Size, the Aton M, the Aton M i-Size and the Aton B are designed to be used up until the child is 24 months old. All other CYBEX infant car seats can be used for children up to approx. 18 months old. The Pallas series are 2-in-1 car seats that can be converted into high-back booster seats when your child has grown big enough.

Why buy a Cybex car seat?

From infant car seats for a newborn’s first journey home, to high-back booster seats for school runs with older children, CYBEX has a car seat for every stage in your child’s development, allowing you to provide continuous protection for your growing family.

How long has Cybex been in business?

For over 40 years, our experienced team of designers and engineers have been committed to achieving real scientific results and meaningful innovations all in the pursuit of fitness perfection. Cybex products are designed and produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the U.S. and sold to 90 countries across the globe.

What is your review of Cybex market analysis report?

Market analysis reports from Cybex have been an excellent analytical tool for taking crucial managerial decisions. It helped me in developing foreign markets for our product line, identify potential buyers, their credibility and size.

The company has built a big audience in the US, with many celebrities spotted using Cybex car seats and strollers, and have become an increasingly big player in the UK over the past 5 years, particularly with car seats. What’s in the box? How easy was it to assemble?

Is the Cybex Z a good investment?

To benefit completely from all of these features, in particular the i-Size compatibility, you would need to invest in the ISOFIX base too, which is another £185, but can be used with the next stage Cybex Z car seat, so can be seen as a good investment. How established is the manufacturer Cybex?

Can I wash my Cybex products?

Why choose Cybex car seats?

To help, CYBEX - a global car seat brand renowned for its safety and award-winning car seats, luxurious pushchairs, and baby carriers - have created an essential guide to child car seat safety.

Is my car seat suitable for my child’s age?

Of course, your car seat needs to meet EU safety standards (shown by the E symbol on the label) and it’s vital that you make sure your child’s car seat is the right category for their age and size. There are lots of categories or ‘Groups’ that tell you whether a car seat is suitable for a newborn or toddler.

What are the best car seats for toddlers?

The car seat has an impact absorbing shell and a 5-point safety harness to ensure tots travel safely in the rear facing position, from birth up to one year. And, thanks to a comfortable head hugger, you little one’s head and neck will be supported as they grow. 5. Maxi-Cosi Coral This is, without doubt, the most innovative car seat on this list.

What is the Cybex Pallas M-Fix car seat?

The Cybex Pallas m-fix car seat is a great option for parents who need to replace a newborn car seat they used with a travel system, but want something that will last. This is because the seat is group 1/2/3, which means it’s suitable for toddlers aged from 9 months to 12 years (or 9-36kg).

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