Aldi near me

aldi near me

How do I find an Aldi near me?

How to Find an Aldi Near Me The quickest way to find Aldi stores in your area is to use the “Find a Store” feature on the Aldi website. With this tool, you can enter your city, state, or ZIP code, and it will pull up the stores nearest to your location.

How many Aldi stores are there in the US?

There are now Aldi stores in 36 states, and the U.S. Aldi headquarters is located in Batavia, Illinois. The quickest way to find Aldi stores in your area is to use the “Find a Store” feature on the Aldi website.

Is Aldi coming to Louisiana in 2021?

For 2021, Aldi has announced that they will be opening about 100 new stores, and they will be expanding to a new state — Louisiana. Many of the new stores will be near the Florida Gulf Coast, as well as in the Northeast, Arizona, and California.

How do I find special buys at Aldi?

Enter the product name and your postcode to check if a Special Buys is in stock at an ALDI store near you. Products can only be searched 24 hours after the on sale date.

How far away is the nearest Aldi?

But if the nearest Aldi is 300 miles away, it could take years, if ever, before Aldi finally arrives in your neck of the woods. Sorry, Montana. Aldi has strict standards about its selection process when it comes to where to build.

How do I contact Aldi customer service?

If your question is not on the FAQs page, contact ALDI Customer Service by email. ALDI Inc.

How many ALDI locations are there in United States? There are a total of 2,086 ALDI locations in United States as of April 18, 2021. The state with the most number of ALDI locations in the US is Illinois with 208 locations, which is 9% of all ALDI locations in America.

How many Aldi stores are in the UK?

How many Aldi stores are coming to Louisiana?

The popular grocery chain hopes to open as many as 35 locations in this southern region by 2022, starting with two stores in Tallahassee, Florida. There will also be several ALDI locations coming to Louisiana for the first time, as specified in a statement.

How many Aldi stores will there be in 2021?

Now, in 2021, the company plans to ramp up its expansion efforts by opening 100 stores across 38 U.S. states. Although they will open all over the country, Aldi is specifically zeroing in on Arizona, California, Florida, and a handful of states in the Northeast—the process of which began in 2020.

Where is Aldi coming to in the US?

We’re already in two-thirds of the country, with plans to have nearly 2,500 stores from coast to coast by 2022. Check below to see if ALDI is coming to a neighborhood near you.

What happened to Aldi?

Plus, Aldi has been doing some remodeling, too. Aldi’s latest expansion plans include more stores in Arizona, California and Florida, as well as a new distribution center in Loxley, Alabama. There will be stores opening in Louisiana, too, which will be the 38 th state with an Aldi. Even a global pandemic couldn’t keep Aldi down, it seems.

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