Ariana grande tattoos

ariana grande tattoos

What does Ariana Grande’s new tattoo mean?

This is one of Arianas most visible tattoos. Her gorgeous handpiece represents a celestial night sky and was tattooed on the back of the stars hand in 2018. It was revealed, through her Instagram, that her grandma got a tattoo the same day Ariana got her crescent moon and stars ink.

What does Ariana GrandesLumostattoo mean?

Lumos is a spell used in the Harry Potter series to produce light. Grande got this tattoo after she began dating her ex-fiancé, Pete Davidson. It is well-documented that the two bonded over their love for Harry Potter (and getting Harry Potter-related tattoos, apparently).

How did Ariana Grande cover up heralwaystattoo?

The vine wraps around just enough to cover the 9 3/4 ink she had at the bottom of her finger. (Ariana Grande via Instagram) 11. Ariana covered up her always tattoo with a leaf

Why does Ariana Grande have ababy dolltattoo?

Baby doll is the nickname that her nonna (grandmother) chose for Ariana. Clearly, Grande is very devoted to her grandparents. She has a tattoo honoring each of them! Ariana has often expressed her admiration for legendary actor, Jim Carrey. One of Arianas favorite Carrey movies is The Truman Show.

What does Ariana Grande’s Palm tattoo mean?

The Thank U, Next singer appears to have gotten a tattoo right in the palm of her hand in either Chinese or Japanese characters. But there’s debate over the meaning with some of Ari’s fans stating it means ‘7 rounds’ or ‘7 wheels’ likely in celebration of her latest single 7 Rings.

What does Ariana Grandesalwaystattoo mean?

Ariana actually has multiple Harry Potter-themed tattoos, but one of the most notable is her Always tattoo. Always was a simple line uttered by a character when speaking of his unwavering, devoted true love towards another. When Ariana first started dating comedian Pete Davidson, they bonded over their shared love of the Harry Potter series.

How many tattoos does Ariana Grande have?

It seems like Ariana Grande gets a new tattoo every week, doesnt it? The record-breaking pop star has her fair share of ink and each one has its own personal meaning. Ariana has over 40 tattoos in total, some shes shared on Instagram and some she hasnt.

What does K Bye mean on Ariana Grandes new tattoo?

The acronym stands for Sweetener World Tour, Grandes most successful string of concerts to date, which wrapped up on December 22, 2019 in Inglewood, California. Grandes live album, k bye for now, was recorded during the tour. She debuted the outline of a butterfly tattoo on her left arm at the 2020 Grammys.

Why did Ariana Grande get a tattoo?

The meaning of Ariana’s shoulder tattoo revealed. Ariana’s shoulder tattoo is a quote from the 1998 film The Truman Show. She got the ink on June 20th 2019 to show off her love of actor Jim Carrey. The quote is written upside down, which is why it’s so difficult to decipher!

Did Ariana Grande get another tattoo?

She spent the wee hours of Sunday morning adding another tattoo to her always-growing collection, this time on part of her tummy and ribcage. Join Now. Grande posted a photo of herself lying on ...

Does Ariana Grande have any sibilings?

How many siblings does Ariana Grande have? Ariana is very close to her family including her older half-brother, Frankie, despite their 10-year age gap. Frankie always wanted a sibling and has been attached at the hip to his little sister ever since she was born. Frankie and Ariana used to live together as adults and have always referred to each other as their best friend.

What does Ariana Grandes 8418 tattoo mean?

First of all, it was revealed that Grande had covered up the 8418 tattoo on her foot, which the artist had got in honor of her former partners firefighter father, Scott Davidson , who tragically lost his life during the 9/11 attacks. 8418 was his badge number.

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