Seixal beach madeira

seixal beach madeira

Why choose Seixal Beach on Madeira?

Seixal Beach on Madeira Island is a palette of all shades of black. Seixal is covered by black sand, shiny and amazingly soft. Absence of waves, crystal transparance of water, covered with lush greenery cliffs and waterfalls complement the list of advantages of Seixal.

Where is Seixal Beach?

Seixal Beach is on the stunning northern coast of Madeira Island in Portugal. It’s just a 41km drive taking 40 minutes from Funchal, which is the main town of the island. I suggest visiting the nearby regions of Porto Moniz, Miradouro do Veu da Noiva viewpoint, and Seixal Natural Pools while you are in the area.

Which is the best beach in Madeira?

But Seixal Beach is definitely the most stunning beach in Madeira if you ask us! With the impressive backdrop of green cliffs, a waterfall in the distance pouring into the ocean, and the soft black sand, Seixal Beach provides everything for beachgoers, photographers and surfers!

What to do in Seixal?

Beyond beautiful, Seixal offers a wide variety of attractions. The beaches are a great reason to visit. The Natural Pools of Seixal or the Naval Club Beach of Seixal are a great choice for those who want a more relaxed day out at the beach. The Laje beach, also known as Jamaica, with its black sand and pebbles, is ideal for going fishing or diving.

Is Seixal Beach the best beach in Madeira?

Because most of the beaches in Madeira are covered in volcanic stones and pebbles, a sandy beach in Madeira is unique. But Seixal Beach is definitely the most stunning beach in Madeira if you ask us!

Why Madeira is the best place to live?

Why Madeira Best? This is the beautiful landscape of one of the most popular beaches in Madeira Island, Porto do Seixal Beach, a natural black sand beach. Seixal Beach has beautiful, soft, and fine black sand covering its shores. This is one of the reasons it is so popular as it is comfortable and safe for swimming and surfing.

What are the best beaches in Seixal?

Even nowadays, one of the many charms of Seixal is its serenity allied to a landscape painted with the green of the mountains and the crystal blue of the sea. This is precisely the stunning scenery of one of the most popular beaches in this parish, Porto do Seixal Beach, a natural black sand beach located right next to Seixal harbour.

What is the black sand beach like on Madeira?

The Praia do Porto do Seixal Beach is a black sand beach. This really is true for all of the natural beaches on Madeira. The dark sand beaches on Madeira Island are born from sea erosion of volcanic black rock. Except for the color, the dry or wet sand has a similar consistency and touch as the white sand most of us know.

Where are the best sand beaches on Madeira?

If you want a real golden sandy beach, you’re going to have to head to Madeira’s neighbour, Porto Santo. Porto Santo is a smaller island, 43km from Madeira. There’s 9km of golden sand here, all natural and set against idyllic turquoise waters.

Where to swim in Madeira-Part 1?

Where to swim in Madeira – part I – Beaches in Madeira [2020 update] 1 2.1 Formosa Beach (Praia Formosa) in Funchal. A large beach located in western Funchal, precisely between Funchal and Camara de Lobos, near the most ... 2 2.2 Anjos Beach. 3 2.3 Gorgulho Beach in Funchal. 4 2.4 Garajau Beach (Praia do Garajau) 5 2.5 Other pebble/rocky beaches.

What are the best beaches to visit in Portugal?

Ponta do Sol Beach Theres also a cafe with a terrace right on the beach that serves good drinks and delicious food. 7. Praia Da Prainha 8. Ribeira Brava Beach

Should you visit Madeira’s Praia das Palmeiras Beach?

If you have no interest in planes and runways, fear not. Praia das Palmeiras is still a lovely beach to relax and listen to the sound of the waves, looking out into the ocean view of Madeira’s neighbouring islands, Ilhas Desertas. Surprisingly, the airport doesn’t cause too much noise when you’re on the beach.

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Where to go swimming in Seixal?

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