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zoo marine

What is Como Park Zoo&Conservatory?

Today Como Park Zoo & Conservatory is operated by the Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department. The zoo features a seal island, a large cat exhibit, a variety of aquatic life, primates, birds, African hoofed animals and a world class polar bear exhibit.

What kind of animals are at Como Zoo?

Como Zoo. In 1902, the animal collection at Como Zoo was expanded to include animals native to Minnesota such as elk, moose, foxes, and two cebus cattle. The zoo also received donations of pets, such as a parrot, two Mexican red birds and a monkey.

How did Como Zoo get its start?

In 1897, the City of Saint Paul fenced-in a pasture in Como Park to hold three deer gifted to them, thus beginning Como Zoo. Thirty-some years later the first major construction project was federally funded through the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

Where can I find tortoises at the Como Zoo?

You can find the Como Zoo’s Galapagos tortoises outside near the Bird Yard. Green anacondas are native to the Amazon Rain Forest and are notorious for eating crocodiles, small hippos, and even people. They reach 30+ feet in length as adults and can weigh as much as 550 pounds. Probably more than that, but that’s the highest recorded weight.

What is Como Zoo?

Como Zoo was founded in 1897 when the city of Saint Paul received a donation of three deer and provided a simple fenced in pasture for the animals.

How did the Como Park Zoo get its bison?

In 1915, the zoo received a donation of two bison from the future Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota Thomas Frankson. Also, in 1915, the Como Parks Marjorie McNeely Conservatory was built. The conservatory was used as a warm winter home for the animals.

Who was the first director of Como Zoo?

In 1956 Archie Brand brought his famous Seal Show to Como Zoo and soon after the animal collection expanded to include valuable and endangered species, including gorillas, orangutans & Siberian tigers. The First Director of Como Zoo, John A. Fletcher, arrived in 1957.

What is the history of Como Park?

Como Park’s history dates long before the Como Park Conservatory was constructed. In the 1840’s, Charles Perry owned, grew potatoes and farmed the land around Lake Como, which at the time was named after Perry’s birthplace in the Swiss-Italian Alps, Sandy Lake. Eventually Perry moved north.

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