Restaurantes baixa

restaurantes baixa

Where to eat in Baixa?

Located at a busy meeting point between Baixa and the neighbouring Chiado district, Fábulas is a classy restaurant, café and wine bar with a central position in the tourist district.

What are the best restaurants in Lisbon?

Basilio Lisboa Cafe “Smoothie, Pancakes, vegan Food, delicious!” 21. Mesa Kreol 22. Restaurante India Gate “Amazing food and service, absolutely...”

What is Restaurante Largo in Lisbon?

Enjoying the attentions of international chef Miguel Castro e Silva, Restaurante Largo is a serious undertaking and a fixture in upmarket Lisbon gastronomy.

What to do in Lisbon’s Baixa district?

Situated within the area known as the Pombaline Lower Town, after 18th-century Portuguese statesman the Marquês de Pombal, the Baixa district is one of Lisbon’s most charming and popular areas. Filled with restaurant, cafés and beautiful buildings, there is an abundance of things to see and do.

What to do in the Baixa area of Lisbon?

Lisbon’s Baixa (downtown) area is one of the city’s busiest city hubs with shops, hotels, restaurants, café-bars and several attractions. The neighborhood goes from the Tagus River up until Avenida da Liberdade and sits right between the two hills of Alfama and Chiado.

How to get to the Baixa district?

The Baixa district is at the centre of Lisbon, and from the district it is easy to travel to almost every other area of the city. The train to Sintra departs from Rossio station, while the tram to Belem departs from Praça do Comércio and there are good connections to the airport passes through Rossio square.

Where is Baixa/Chiado?

Baixa-Chiado District Guide: Baixa Lisbon and Chiado Lisbon are some of the most visited areas of the city, and make a great introduction to Lisbon. Get to know Baixa and Chiado with this insider’s guide to these two central Lisbon neighborhoods. Disclosure: This Lisbon Baixa / Chiado district guide contains affiliate links.

How to get around Baixa-Chiado?

If you start exploring from the Baixa-Chiado metro station, you will have two choices. You can walk up and explore the hilly Chiado district or stay on flat ground and discover the Baixa district first. Starting from the top of Chiado hill gives you a nice vantage point of the city. This is perfect for getting oriented!

Is Companhia do Largo a good restaurant?

Had a delicious meal at Companhia do Largo. Both of the entrés, the main course and the dessert were mouth watering. Having that said, the service could have been better. The waiters were borderline rude and we felt like it was a burden to serve... us.

Where to eat Fado in Lisbon?

SENHOR VINHO – The mythical fado restaurant Senhor Vinho is one of the most mythical fado houses in Lisbon. Opened in 1975 by the famous fadist Maria da Fé (born in 1945) and her husband, this establishment has become an important cultural centre in the Portuguese capital. It is a restaurant with a traditional fado atmosphere.

Whats it like to stay in Lisbon?

Such a wonderful discovery. Mellow and stylish atmosphere, beautiful wine and one of the more sophisticated menus in Lisbon - and delicious! Love the cool vibe, the knowledgeable and relaxed hosts, and the welcome sense of oasis amid a thousand plastic paella shops.

What to do in Largo?

Do not leave without tasting perfectly cooked chocolate mousse, queijada and vanilla ice cream. You will enjoy delicious gin, tonic or port wine at Largo. Dont miss the opportunity to try great cortado, white tea or lemonade. Its easy to find this place due to the great location. Most reviewers mark that the staff is knowledgeable here.

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