Nike blazer low 77

nike blazer low 77

What is the Nike Blazer low 77 Jumbo?

The classic streetwear superstar gets rethought with the Nike Blazer Low 77 Jumbo. Harnessing the old-school look you love, it now features an oversized Swoosh design and jumbo laces. Its plush foam tongue and thicker stitching embolden the iconic look thats been praised by the streets since 77.

How much does a Nike Blazer low cost?

Nike Blazer Low. Nike Blazer Low. Big Kids Shoe. $40.97. $65. Nike Blazer Low. Nike Blazer Low. Womens Shoe. $75.

What kind of Shoes does Nike make a blazer?

Nike Blazer Shoes. Introduced in 1972 by Nike Basketball, the Nike Blazer has since transformed into an iconic, everyday staple. Featuring high, mid and low top styles in both classic and updated color combinations and materials, the Nike Blazer continues to find new ways to capitalize on its clean and simple design.

What makes Nike Blazer 77 trainers so comfortable?

The construction fuses the outsole to the midsole, creating a streamlined look and a comfortable, flexible feel. Nike Blazer 77 trainers with herringbone pattern solid-rubber soles give traction and grip with every step.

Its the perfect casual look to match the casual feel of the Nike Blazer. Are Nike Blazers true to size? Nike Blazers do fit true to size. They fit very narrow, but also quite long, so definitely keep that in mind. They may feel tight across the toe box at first until you wear them in.

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