Nike pegasus 38

nike pegasus 38

What makes the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 unique?

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 continues to put a spring in your step, using the same responsive foam as its predecessor. Mesh in the upper combines the comfort and durability you want with a fit that nods back to the classic Peg. Free standard shipping and free 60-day returns for Nike Members.

Is the Nike Pegasus 38 worth it in 2021?

If you dont buy running shoes often and youre looking for a durable trainer that wont break the bank, the Pegasus 38 is the shoe for you. The year of 2021 is turning out to be a year of minor changes for Nike with the Pegasus 38, Vaporfly Next% 2, Miler 2 and Infinity Run 2 all receiving upper-only updates.

Is the Pegasus 37 the perfect shoe?

When a shoe has been around for 37 years, everyone expects it to be perfect but the Pegasus 37 was far from it. The Pegasus 37 felt like a rough prototype that should never have seen the light of day and most of the problems were upper related.

Do You Remember your first pair of Nike Pegasus running shoes?

I still remember getting my very first pair of Nike Pegasus running shoes. Everyone on our college team was issued a pair. Prior to that we had all been given the Nike Columbia (1981) which was a pretty good shoe in its own right. To me, the Pegasus was a very good shoe and quite a workhorse. Held up well in all kinds of weather and conditions.

Is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 worth it?

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 is a very well-built daily trainer which is not as versatile as previous Pegasus models but is soft and cushioned enough for long distances. Version 38 is an upper only update which fixes the narrow fit and heel slippage of the previous version

What is the Nike Pegasus 38 trainer?

The Nike Pegasus 38 is a versatile, narrow-fitting, and truly neutral trainer that has been updated in the last two versions to include not only full-length Nike React foam, but also Zoom Air pods in the forefoot.

What type of foam is in the Nike Pegasus 38?

A Nike React midsole foam remains the star of the show with the Nike Pegasus 38, and for good reason. Nike React foam has the unique ability to be cushioned and responsive, soft and snappy, all at once. The Pegasus 38 is equipped to go from walking to running with effortless support.

What do you think about the Pegasus 38?

The Pegasus 38 is a wonderfully comfortable and fun shoe. I could see benefit of opening up the forefoot a bit for more room and thinning the upper a bit. However, the bigger change, I think, should be seen in how the Zoom Air pods were integrated.

Is the Nike Pegasus 37 a good running shoe?

The Nike Pegasus 37 fits tightly around the foot, which is often a problem for me in the beginning – but the more I run in it, the better it gets. Therefore, it is a shoe that, personally, requires a couple of kilometres to break in, before it finally shows itself from its best side.

How much do the Pegasus 37 cost?

One thing to note is that the Pegasus tends to run a little narrow, so if you’ve got a wider foot, this might not be the shoe for you. The Pegasus 37 retails for $155 CAD and is available now.

Is the Nike Pegasus 37 the new Michael Jackson?

Now, the Nike Pegasus has been around since Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller,’ so it’s not exactly going to go off the rails into some uncharted territory like MJ’s personal life. That said, the Nike Pegasus 37 is a P.Y.T. if there ever was one. Nike fans, if you wanted a revamp, you got one.

What are the competitors of the Nike Pegasus 3?

Main competitor of the Nike Pegasus are shoes such as the Brooks Ghost or the Saucony Ride. “The Nike Trail Pegasus 3 is a versatile shoe that both a beginner and experienced trail runner can appreciate. It works great both on and off road with a comfortable ride that can go the distance.

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