What is Ecco?

ECCO is a global leader in innovative comfort footwear for men, ladies and kids. - Functional and sustainable accessories designed for New Utopians. Shoes you’ll wear everywhere, because they feel so good. Meet the new season silhouettes that dare to last a lifetime. Sophisticated but never stuffy.

What does Ecco perché mean?

Ecco perché: means “that’s why”. A: I’m so happy! B: Why? A: We’ve reached more than 100 k subscribers to our YouTube channel! B: Aaaah, that’s why (=ecco perché)! Ecco fatto: means “I’ve finished”, “I’ve done what I had to do”. A: Can you turn off the air conditioner? B: Done! (=Ecco fatto)!

Why choose explore Ecco golf shoes?

Excelling at golf takes determination, practice and commitment. We approach developing golf shoes with the same detailed precision, and with a passion only true artisans have for their craft From technology and innovation to style tips and size guides, Explore ECCO has it all!

Why Ecco St 1?

The innovative ECCO ST. 1 with all-new SHOCK THRU Technology delivers ultimate shock absorption and comfort. At ECCO, we are passionate about leather. Our team represents 7 generations of tanning know-how, taking premium raw materials and transforming them into timeless shoes

Ecco fatto: means “I’ve finished”, “I’ve done what I had to do”. A: Can you turn off the air conditioner? B: Done! (=Ecco fatto)!

What is the meaning of Ecco Cosa Succede Quando?

Is Ecco a good brand?

This renowned brand has been producing top-quality sport and fashion shoes since 1892. Yet its most successful years came in 1992 when ECCO released its first casual shoe on the market. Since then, ECCO has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of men’s and women’s golf shoes in Europe.

How long do PGA Tour players keep ECCO shoes?

A PGA Tour player kept his for four years, writes Morning Reads Gary Van Sickle, who says the comfort is why hes not going to get rid of his anytime soon. Ecco shoes have ... shhh ... a secret.

Is this the same sole pattern on Fred Couples’ golf shoes?

That sole pattern is the same as what was on the Ecco Golf Street shoes that launched in 2010 and gained notoriety when Fred Couples wore them in the Masters. Those shoes were classic white with Masters-green trim and caused a small sensation because a tour player teed it up at Augusta National Golf Club wearing … spikeless shoes.

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