Ator philip baker hall

ator philip baker hall

Is Phil Baker Hall still alive?

Philip Baker Hall, one of Hollywood’s most recognizable character actors, has died at the age of 90. He was best known today for his roles on “Seinfeld” and in the films of Paul Thomas Anderson.

Who did Philip Baker Hall play in secret honor?

He played Richard Nixon in the one-character film Secret Honor. Roger Ebert said about Hall and the film: Nixon is portrayed by Philip Baker Hall, an actor previously unknown to me, with such savage intensity, such passion, such venom, such scandal, that we cannot turn away.

How old is Phil Hall?

Philip Baker Hall (born September 10, 1931) is an American actor and comedian. In film, Hall played the lead roles of Richard Nixon in Robert Altman s Secret Honor (1984), Sydney Brown in Paul Thomas Anderson s Hard Eight (1996) and Arthur Pratt in Duck (2005) and on television, he is best known for playing Lt.

How did Seinfeld pay tribute to Philip Baker Hall?

The official Seinfeld Twitter account paid tribute to Hall, saying his talent would be cherished. The great Philip Baker Hall will forever be remembered by Seinfeld fans as the hard-nosed library detective, Mr. Bookman.

What is Phil Hall famous for?

Phil Hall (born 8 January 1955) is a British journalist, the former editor of the News of the World and the founder and Chairman of the PHA Group, an award-winning London PR agency. Hall entered journalism in 1974, as a reporter on the Dagenham Post.

Who is John Hall?

Hall entered journalism in 1974, as a reporter on the Dagenham Post. He then moved to the Ilford Recorder and subsequently filled a sub-editor post on the Newham Recorder, but returned to reporting at the Sunday People.

What ever happened to Michael Hall?

Hall remained in the job until May 2000 when he joined Hello! magazine as editor and later was appointed Editorial Director of Development at Trinity Mirror, before moving into PR consultancy.

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