Casa da musica oma

casa da musica oma

Where is the Casa da Musica?

Locating the Casa da Musica was key in the development of OMAs thinking; we chose not to build the new concert hall in the ring of old buildings defining the Rotunda but to create a solitary building standing on a travertine-paved plateau in front of the Rotundas park, neighbouring a working class area.

What makes Casa da Musica unique?

Save this picture! Casa da Musica is visually and spatially defined by its striking faceted exterior from which its conventional interior spaces have been extracted. The buildings 400mm thick faceted shell and the two 1m thick walls of the main auditorium are the buildings primary load carrying and stability system.

Whats inside Casa da Musica Porto?

Inside, the elevated 1,300-seat (shoe box-shaped) Grand Auditorium has corrugated glass facades at either end that open the hall to the city and offer Porto itself as a dramatic backdrop for performances. Casa da Musica reveals its contents without being didactic; at the same time, it casts the city in a new light. Save this picture!

What is the Casa da Música doing in Porto?

In September 2008, the Casa da Música hosted the Orquestra Nacional do Porto, which took part in exploratory public presentations in which music was captured alongside the musicians and conductors expressive gestures.

What is the story of Casa da Música?

1. Casa da Música was supposed to be a Dutch family house! Casa da Música was built to celebrate the year when Porto was the European Capital of Culture, 2001. At that time, 21 architecture offices from around the world were invited to deliver a conceptual plan of what Casa da Música should look like.

What is the purpose of the Porto Music Centre?

Designed to mark the festive year of 2001 in which the city of Porto was designated European Capital of Culture, it was the first building in Portugal aimed from its conception to be exclusively dedicated to music, either in public performances or in the field of artistic training and creation.

What are the coordinates of Casa da Música?

/  41.15861°N 8.63083°W  / 41.15861; -8.63083 The Casa da Música is a concert hall in Porto, Portugal. It was designed by architect Rem Koolhaas and opened in 2005.

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