Caves ferreira porto

caves ferreira porto

Why visit caves Ferreira in Portugal?

Today, by visiting Caves Ferreira, you can discover a brand that is over 250 years old, the history of Port wine, and the Douro region. Espaço Porto Cruz offers more than Port wine tasting, it offers a full experience with the purpose of celebrating the culture of Port wine by associating modernity to tradition.

Why choose a Ferreira Port Wine Experience?

Caves Ferreira invite you to discover a brand with more than 250 years of History, and to visit their facilities in Vila Nova de Gaia, where, since the 18th century, Port Wine ages in hundreds of wooden casks and vats.

Where to find port wine cellars in Porto?

These Port wine cellars are all located across the river from the old city center of Porto and to get there you only need to cross the emblematic Dom Luís I bridge. It will take you about 10 minutes and you can easily walk from one side to the other. Nearly all Port wine cellars provide guided tours and tastings.

What makes Ferreira the world’s finest vintage Porto cellar?

With a tradition of excellence spanning over 250 years, Ferreira has one of the world’s finest Vintage Porto cellars, a benchmark in the sector, with wines dating back to 1815.

What to do at caves Ferreira?

On the guided visit to Caves Ferreira, there is the Vintage Room, dedicated to the History of Ferreiras Vintage Ports, since 1815 where you will find information about the harvest and the historical facts that marked the main Vintage declaration years.

What is Ferreira Porto Wine?

Built by a family of winemakers from the Douro, in 1751, Ferreira possessed a rich tradition and a prominent role in the history of Porto Wine.

What to do at Casa Ferreirinha?

A guided tour of the Ferreira Cellars and a tasting of three superior category wines that represent the three styles of Porto Wine - White, Ruby and Tawny. Guided tour of the cellars with a tasting of three Douro PDO Wines from Casa Ferreirinha, the producer of the famous Barca Velha.

What is Ferreira?

Today, after more than 250 years, Ferreira is the Portuguese brand , a reference in Port wines and Douro of excellent quality, a symbol of a country and a culture that it proudly dignifies. Ancient place for the storage of barrels, where you can see the exhibitions of the Ferreira and Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira wines vintage old Labels.

Where to find port wine cellars in Portugal?

If you cross the bridge to the other side of the river you arrive to Vila Nova de Gaia, where all the Port Wine cellars are located.

Where to taste port wine in Porto?

Like all the Port wine cellars we recommended previously, here too you can enjoy your wine tasting up on the terrace while taking in the magnificent views over the city of Porto. You have to do a bit of climbing to reach Rua do Choupelo but it’s worth the effort!

What is port wine and where is it from?

Port Wine is born in the Douro Valley, but it is the city of Porto that gives the name to the wine. Why? Because that’s where the wine ages and is shipped to all over the world. Any trip to Porto wouldn’t be complete without a Porto Food Tour and a visit to the famous Port wine cellars. Continue reading below.

Why visit a port wine cellar?

Nearly all Port wine cellars provide guided tours and tastings. Not only will you receive a tasting of different Port wine varieties, but you will also learn about the history of the house you are visiting and a broader history of Port wine.

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