Ivaucher auto

ivaucher auto

What is ivaucher’s VAT reimbursement scheme?

IVAucher allowed a balance to be accumulated for each individual of all IVA (VAT) paid in restaurants, hotels and on cultural events. This balance could then be reimbursed through a payment direct to your account of up to 50% of the full amount spent in similar locations between October and December last year.

What is the ivaucher platform?

It was built upon the IVAucher platform which was originally designed to attract business back to restaurants and hotels and cultural venues last summe r. IVAucher allowed a balance to be accumulated for each individual of all IVA (VAT) paid in restaurants, hotels and on cultural events.

What is autovoucher?

AUTOvoucher was introduced in November last year to reimburse fuel consumption at petrol stations. The financial support is provided by payment of 10 cents per litre up to a maximum of 50 litres per month. 50 litres would be approximately a tank of petrol per user per month.

What is the “ivaucher” measure?

The Portuguese government has introduced this year an extraordinary measure to support the economy, provided for in the Regulatory Decree No. 2-A/2021, of May 28. This measure, called IVAucher, aims to support the sectors of the economy that suffered most from the pandemic caused by COVID-19, namely culture, restoration and accommodation.

What is the VAT accumulation Programa?

This programa makes it possible to accumulate the amount of VAT paid in the accommodation, culture and restaurant sectors, and to use it later as a discount on purchases in these same sectors. Lauched on the 31st of May 2021, the program started June 1st 2021.

How to accumulate VAT on invoices?

During the months of June, July and August, the consumers will be able to accumulate the VAT paid on purchases made, simply by asking the adhering merchants that the issue of invoices be accompanied by the NIF; In September, the accumulated VAT will be calculated by the Tax Authority by checking the invoices reported;

How does the voucher match automation driver work?

The Voucher Match Automation Driver program creates logged vouchers if you have set up the process to do so, and attempts to match invoice records in the F0411Z1 table to receipt records in the Purchase Order Receiver File (F43121) and the Purchase Order Detail File (F4311).

What does the voucher match automation driver UBE program (r4304010) do?

The Voucher Match Automation Driver UBE program (R4304010) updates some fields that have blank values when it selects records to process in both proof and final mode. See Validation of Records in the Voucher Transactions - Batch Upload Table (F0411Z1)

What is batch upload in the voucher match automation process?

In the voucher match automation process, receipts that are recorded against more than one receipt document number. A code in the Voucher Transaction - Batch Upload table (F0411Z1) that indicates the status of a record for the voucher match automation process. You assign process type 1 (newly added) to new records that you add to the F0411Z1 table.

How do I create standard vouchers and logged vouchers for invoices?

I want to create standard vouchers for invoices that I can match to receipts now, and create logged vouchers for the invoices that dont yet have a matching receipt. How do I do that? To create both standard vouchers and logged vouchers, you must run the Voucher Match Automaton Driver program (R434010) twice.

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