Ktm 890

ktm 890

What is the KTM 890 adventure?

The KTM 890 ADVENTURE takes the lightweight and sporty characteristics youd expect from a KTM ADVENTURE motorcycle to deliver a supremely capable adventure tourer - both on and off the tarmac.

What is the difference between the KTM 890 Duke R and KTM 790 Duke?

The KTM 890 DUKE R features horizontally split crankcases, made from high-pressure cast aluminum, allowing for thinner wall thickness and added weight saving. The crankcases on the KTM 890 DUKE R have also been re-engineered to allow for the longer stroke over the KTM 790 DUKE.

What makes the KTM 890 parallel-twin engine so good?

The KTM 890 parallel-twin engine deserves some credit in all this balance talk, too. It’s aligned cylinders and the moving bits inside do little to throw the bike’s balance off despite rowdy attempts to repeatedly do so. The bike likes to go straight, and it likes to go straight quickly.

What kind of headlight does the KTM 890 Duke have?

The KTM 890 DUKE features a unique LED headlight with styling cues taken from THE BEAST itself. This high-performance LED headlight is flanked by two LED strips that function as daytime running lights, ensuring maximum illumination and attention.

What makes the KTM 890 adventure The Ultimate Road and gravel traveller?

Now with more engine grunt, improved handling, added suspension adjustability and rider-focussed technology, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE is the ultimate road and gravel traveller. 01. Engine & Exhaust During extreme offroad exploration, its important the LC8c engine keeps its cool to ensure its advanced power and performance are maintained.

What is the 890 adventure with traction control?

KTM packs in its newest Traction Control system to match the equally-new ABS gen, all under the control of the Ride Modes feature that allows for quick personality changes that make this behave like several different bikes in one. The MY22 890 Adventure rolls for $13.4k. Its a KTM, so take a guess at the color choices.

Is the 890 a good bike?

More torque is on tap with the 890 and that’s a welcome addition to a bike that feels like it should be used to move massive amounts of earth. The 890 engine is great. Nearly perfect for adventure use, with road manners to push you to the next exploration zone/continent with ease.

What is the engine size of the 890 adventure?

KTM boosted engine size up to 889 cc on the 890 Adventure with a concurrent boost in horsepower up to 103.2 ponies total, and it pulled this new mill straight out of the new Husky Norden 901. Fairly oversquare, the parallel-twin engine now runs a 90.7 mm bore with a 68.8 mm stroke.

Is the KTM 890 adventure a good bike?

The 890 Adventure has a nice electronics package for on- or off-road traveling, so it looks like KTM took a good adventure bike in the 790 and made it better.” It’s a KTM.

What kind of motor does the KTM 890 Duke R have?

The 890 Duke R is powered by KTM’s first-ever parallel-twin motor with 75º crank bored and stroked for 90cc more capacity than the 790 Duke which was introduced two years ago. In fact, the 890 project dates back to 2012 when KTM engineers first began work on creating the LC8c parallel-twin motor.

Will the 890 replace the 790 in the KTM lineup?

Some sources suggest that the 890 will replace the 790 in the KTM lineup—a theory I can’t wrap my head around. The 790 is a (relatively) new mill and KTM’s first parallel twin, introduced in 2018 in the Duke, followed in 2019 by the 790 Adventure.

Is KTM developing a new 890 mill?

The rumor that KTM is developing a new 890 mill isn’t new—since the beginning of 2019, the word has been spreading that the Orange brand was working on a new engine. The brand’s CEO himself let slip that his team was, in fact, working on it.

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