Toyota yaris cross

toyota yaris cross

What kind of car is the Toyota Yaris Cross?

The Toyota Yaris Cross ( Japanese: トヨタ・ヤリスクロス, Hepburn: Toyota Yarisu Kurosu) is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by the Japanese automaker Toyota, adopting the Yaris nameplate primarily for the Japanese, European, and Australian markets.

What powertrain does the Toyota Yaris have?

The Yaris and Yaris Cross are the first models to use Toyota’s latest 1.5 hybrid system, developed directly from the larger 2.0 and 2.5-litre powertrains used by recent new models such as the Corolla, C-HR, RAV4 and Camry.

What is the wheelbase of a Toyota Yaris?

Positioned below the C-HR, the new Yaris Cross carries over the supermini’s wheelbase measuring 2560 millimeters (100.8 inches) while featuring longer overhangs increasing the overall length by 240 mm (9.4 inches) to 4180 mm (164.5 inches).

When did the Toyota Yaris Hybrid come out?

Toyota successfully pioneered the use of full hybrid technology in B-segment cars with the introduction of the first Yaris Hybrid hatchback in 2012. Since then, more than half a million have been sold in Europe, making it a powerful tool in building public awareness and appreciation of the technology.

Is the Toyota Yaris Cross a good car?

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a mix of two things that the Japanese manufacturer does well – small hybrid cars and SUVs – so in theory it should be good.

Where is the Toyota Yaris Cross made?

The Yaris Cross is manufactured in Japan at Toyota Motor East Japan and France at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France, the same as the standard Yaris. The company planned to produce 150,000 units of the Yaris Cross per year in its French factory. The first Yaris Cross rolled out the French factory in July 2021.

Is the Toyota Yaris a supermini?

No, the supermini (a kind of car we like very much) lives on. The Yaris is a good and modern one, and was European Car of the Year 2021. Toyota asserts that the cars appeal to very different audiences. Group Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We are a credit broker not a lender. You will not own the car.

What are the dimensions of a Toyota Yaris Cross?

Toyota Yaris Cross (XP210) Wheelbase 2,560 mm (100.8 in) Length 4,180 mm (164.6 in) Width 1,765 mm (69.5 in) Height 1,560–1,590 mm (61.4–62.6 in) 23 more rows ...

What are the dimensions of the Toyota Yaris?

The Toyota Yaris is between 12.5 feet (3.83 meters) and 14.3 feet (4.36 meters) long, depending on the trim and model year. The Toyota Yaris is between 5.5 feet (1.69 meters) and 5.6 feet (1.69 meters) wide, depending on the trim and model year.

How many seats does the Toyota Yaris 2020 have?

Interior space with 5 seats. The width measurement of 1745 millimeters corresponds to the width of the Toyota Yaris 2020 without exterior mirrors. Motorization: petrol and petrol hybrid. Because of its exterior size and length of 3940 mm, we classify the Toyota Yaris in the category of small cars.

What is the engine cc of Toyota Yaris?

The Petrol engine is 1496 cc . It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission.Depending upon the variant and fuel type the Yaris has a mileage of 17.1 to 17.8 kmpl . The Yaris is a 5 seater 4 cylinder car and has length of 4425mm, width of 1730mm and a wheelbase of 2550mm.

What are the differences between the 2019 and 2018 Toyota Yaris?

The 2019 Toyota Yaris has a wheelbase of 8.4 feet (2.57 meters). The 2018 Toyota Yaris is between 13.0 feet (3.95 meters) and 14.3 feet (4.36 meters) long, depending on the trim and model year. The 2018 Toyota Yaris is 5.6 feet (1.69 meters) wide.

How Much Does the Toyota Yaris Cost? Pricing for the 2020 Yaris sedan starts at $15,650, and the Yaris hatchback starts at $17,750. That’s about average for the subcompact car class. The least expensive models in this segment are the Chevrolet Spark and Mitsubishi Mirage, which start at $13,220 and $13,995, respectively.

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