Aew rampage

aew rampage

What channel is AEW Rampage on?

In the United States, Rampage currently airs live on Fridays on TNT at 10pm ET. The program was to move to TBS in January 2022, but in September, AEW announced that while Dynamite would move to TBS, Rampage would remain on TNT.

Will AEW Rampage be a success or a mistake?

Fans are anticipating the debut episode of AEW Rampage, but while it may be a smash success theres also a chance that it will be a huge mistake. On August 13 th in Pittsburgh, AEW will debut its new weekly TV show, AEW Rampage. Will this prove to be a success for the company?

What are the pros and cons of the new WWE rampage?

Rampage could also have benefits for the women’s division, something which has been critiqued since the beginning of the company. With there not being too many women’s stories featured, with usually just one match per show, Rampage will provide more time to dedicate to women’s wrestling.

Is Rampage a better show than dynamite?

The late time slot is an issue, as proven by Dynamite’s decreased ratings when taking place at this time. Something Rampage will have over Dynamite though, is the one-hour run time. It will be easier for people to dedicate time to, with it being a shorter show.

Why did WWE brand split in 2002?

In 2002, the WWE brand split provided an excellent solution for the company following the Monday Night War and the addition of a much larger roster. At the time, the concept recreated the same sense of competition under the same umbrella.

Is WWE’s bloated roster becoming obsolete?

With the advent of NXT and SmackDown, it provided another opportunity to highlight its bloated roster. However, the idea has arguably grown obsolete again now that there is real competition in All Elite Wrestling and other promotions.

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