What is anidb?

What is AniDB? AniDB stands for Ani me D ata B ase. We feature detailed information about all forms of CJK ( C hinese, J apanese, and K orean) animation.

Why work with Onde?

Specialist knowledge, innovative approach, high safety standards and several years of experience in the implementation of projects for industry and energy make ONDE a trusted and reliable partner in the field of renewable energy sources.

How do I make an anonymous submission to anidb?

If you wish to make an anonymous submission, send an AniDB forum PM to CDB-Man instead. The voting period will be from 2022-Feb-12 Saturday to 2022-Feb-20 Sunday. You may vote on as many images as you like. If we suspect vote stuffing, then the staff will take this into consideration when looking at the results, and discard entries if needed.

Can I use the anidb logo in my image?

You are allowed to use the AniDB logo in your image, and it is encouraged! Original content is preferred, remixed content is acceptable. Since the images will be posted on our public Patreon page, all images must be family-friendly, for all ages. 18+ / adult images will not be accepted.

What can I do with anidb?

Since AniDB is open for everyone, everyone is able to add or edit series, episodes, specials, or any other type of information that is or is not yet in the database. This allows users the freedom to shape AniDBs anime information to become the best it can be. With AniDB you can create and maintain your own personal anime list called a MyList.

How do I add anime to my anidb MyList?

Use AniDB Clients to automatically detect all anime episodes on your hard disk. This way you can add your entire anime collection to your AniDB MyList without any manual effort. Receive automated notifications on newly added episodes for anime on your notify list. on the website, as RSS, via instant messenger (Jabber) message, via AniDB Client, ...

What is the anidb API?

AniDB offers two APIs for client programs. One full, TCP based API which is not public and one limited, UDP based public API. Clients for the full API are somewhat like an off-line version of AniDB.

Can I download files from anidb?

There are no files available for download from AniDB nor will its staff encourage any form of direct downloading or streaming at AniDB or its forum. However, any registered user can find useful hashes, video/audio related information, and other types of information on files entered by other users.

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