Arrabida shopping

arrabida shopping

Why Arrábida shopping mall?

For those who come from Porto or for those arriving from Gaia, ArrábidaShopping suddenly appears next to the Arrábida Bridge, imposing itself on the landscape on the Douro River, surprising and welcoming the visitor. Large, stylish and modern this is the right Shopping Mall for your shopping to become a moment of pure fun.

What is arrábidashopping?

Situated between Gaia and Porto, ArrábidaShopping can be seen next to the Arrábida Bridge. Its vast offer responds to all kinds of needs and combines with a leisure-based shopping experience, providing its visitors with animation, exhibitions and culture through Fashion, Leisure and Art events.

What to do in Arrábida?

An elegant and modern Shopping centre, a landmark beside the River Douro. Situated between Gaia and Porto, ArrábidaShopping can be seen next to the Arrábida Bridge.

Why choose Holmes Place Arrábida?

Holmes Place Arrábida has 3 studios with more than 100 lessons per week, 2 swimming pools (one for children only), an outdoor training space, a spinning studio, a kids club and a SPA service. A unique place where you can enjoy lots of fun, lots of energy with friends or with your family!

Why visit the Arrábida region?

The Arrábida region, 30 minutes from Lisbon, is a surprise to all those who visit. After crossing the Tagus and before reaching the River Sado, the hills, sea and land come together in these three magical and enchanting places where history is written in the stones and the quality of life can be felt in the air.

Is the Arrabida shopping in Portugal vegan?

Sempre um pouco mais movimento que os outros DaTerra, o DaTerra do Arrabida Shopping é uma excelente opção para refeições vegan. Aconselho muito o bolo de chocolate e a tarte de limão...deliciosas!

Why choose Terra do Arrábida?

O daTerra do Arrábida é dos melhores da cadeia, o staff é muito simpático e prestável e tem uma vista magnífica sobre o Porto. A qualidade e apresentação da comida está sempre impecável e o brunch ao fim de semana por 8,5€ é dos melhores achados para um dia de gulodice. Read more Guest

Why book a holiday in Sesimbra?

Sesimbra, one of the most popular holiday regions for the Portuguese, has all the hustle and liveliness of a holiday resort. With snack bars and classy restaurants for partying, Sesimbra also offers a lively family environment besides beach and nightlife.

What to do in Arrábida in summer?

Whether you’re staying in Lisbon, Sesimbra or Setúbal, a trip to Arrábida is one you’ll want to take in the summer. Located next to a picturesque port and overlooked by Roman ruins, this is the most famous beach in Arrábida and the choice of Lisbonites, who are able to park their car in the large parking lot. See the complete Praia do Creiro Guide.

What is it like to live in Arrabida?

The landscape is breathtaking, especially on a sunny day: the dense vegetation of the Arrabida, the cream color of the small beaches, the turquoise of the sea and the strong blue color of the sky make a beautiful scenery.

Where can I see the Arrábida in Portugal?

Perhaps the best viewing spot is Miradouro do Norte. From here, you can see across the valley, past ridges and over to Lisbon on a clear day. View from Miradouro do Norte, Serra da Arrábida Natural Park, Portugal.

How do I get to Arrabida National Park?

Simply take a day trip south across the River Tagus to the Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and you’ll find white sand and turquoise waters backed by greenery and limestone rocks. Click a link to skip to a specific section of my Arrabida travel guide:

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