Why is it called a rápel?

El rápel suele concederse en forma de escalado de consumos o compras a los que corresponde un escalado de descuentos. La técnica toma su nombre por la analogía con el deporte de descenso rápel.

What is Rapel application?

Application. What is Rapel? Rapel is an application to sell inorganic waste that still has a selling value and has been segregated or sorted according to its categories by the waste owner who is already became apps user. The waste then will be sold to rapel warrior or waste collector which is already became rapel’s partner.

What is the difference between rápel and precio?

El elemento característico y diferenciador del descuento tipo «rápel» es que cuando se llega al consumo del segundo escalón, se aplica el precio y descuento del segundo escalón a todo el consumo; esto es, tanto a lo que se empieza a comprar en este segundo tramo, como a lo que se ya se compró en el primer tramo.

What is a good sentence for rappel?

Examples of rappel in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Emergency crews were then able to rappel down to the hanging truck and attach a harness to each occupant, allowing them to be safely carried back to the bridge.

What does rappel mean?

Kids Definition of rappel : to move down a steep slope (as a cliff) by pushing the feet against its surface and sliding down a rope

What is the meaning of rape?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. rape is a form of sexual activity involving penetration by perpetrators against an individual forcefully without their consent. Its mostly used interchangea

What does it mean to rappel down a cliff?

: to descend (as from a cliff) by sliding down a rope passed under one thigh, across the body, and over the opposite shoulder or through a special friction device. Other Words from rappel Example Sentences Learn More about rappel.

Where did the term custodial rape come from?

The term was first coined in South Africa after well-known cases of corrective rape, such as that of sports star Eudy Simelane, became public. Custodial rape is rape perpetrated by a person employed by the state in a supervisory or custodial position, such as a police officer, public servant or jail or hospital employee.

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