What does ASIS stand for?

Founded as the American Documentation Institute (ADI) in 1937, the group became the American Society for Information Science (ASIS) in 1968 to reflect the organizations interest in all aspects of the information transfer process such as, designing, managing and using information systems and technology.

What does ASIS&T stand for?

The Association for Information Science and Technology ( ASIS&T) is a non-profit membership organization for information professionals that sponsors an annual conference as well as several serial publications, including the Journal of the Association for Information Science...

Why join ASIS International?

Additionally, ASIS has seated its first-ever Regional Boards of Directors, in North America and Europe. Nothing helps you gain—and maintain—a competitive advantage like joining ASIS International and there’s never been a more advantageous time to join.

What are ASIS standards and guidelines?

ASIS Standards & Guidelines. ASIS Standards set forth industry-recommended best practices on specific concerns inherent to the security industry and provide tools and processes for implementation. Along with POA, these seven standards and guidelines make up the CPP reference set.

What is ASIS and what does it do?

The United Nations, for all its faults, is a product of international security collaboration. At the very least, it provides an avenue for different nations to continue interacting with one another. So where does ASIS come in? What Does ASIS Stand For? ASIS stands for American Society for Industrial Security, at least from 1955 to 2002.

Who are ASIS members?

Our members represent virtually every industry in the public and private sectors, and organizations of all sizes. From entry-level managers to CSOs to CEOs, from security veterans to consultants and those transitioning from law enforcement or the military, the ASIS community is global and diverse.

What does ASIS International do for law enforcement?

Lastly, ASIS International pledges to work with law enforcement organizations to collectively learn from the past and forge a path towards a better future based on equity and inclusion. ASIS International is deeply committed to advancing and reinvesting in the security profession all year long.

What is the ASIS International Annual Seminar?

The ASIS International Annual Seminar and Exhibits is an educational and networking event in the security industry. ASIS administers three professional certification programs - Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), and the Physical Security Professional (PSP) designation.

What is ASIS International membership?

Membership in ASIS International will provide you a broad range of member-exclusive digital tools and content plus substantial savings on webinars, e-Learning courses, and virtual events to enhance your skills, grow your network, and raise your professional profile—at any stage of your career!

Why become an ASIS&T member?

But an ASIS&T membership is more than that. It’s an opportunity to increase your influence in fields related to information science and technology. It’s a place where you can share ideas and promote informed policy on national and international information issues.

Why work at ASIS?

ASIS offers our people attractive salaries, salary packaging and workplace learning. People come from all over Australia to live and work at ASISs office in the nations capital. Do some intelligence gathering of your own, by learning more about ASIS and the careers on offer.

Are ASIS membership dues tax deductible?

Deductibility – ASIS membership dues (and dues paid to its chapters-if applicable) may be deducted as an ordinary business expense for members residing in the United States. Code of Ethics – All ASIS members agree to abide by the ASIS International Code of Ethics.

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