What is the scientific name of Diprotodon?

Owen formally described Diprotodon in volume 2 without mentioning a species, but in volume 1, he listed the name Diprotodon optatum, making that the type species. Diprotodon means two protruding front teeth. In 1844, Owen replaced the name D. optatum with D. australis .

What does a Diprotodon look like?

Diprotodon superficially resembled a giant wombat. The length of the skull of adult Diprotodon ranged between 65 cm and 1 m. In side view, the cranial profile is elongate and low. The zygomatic arches flare laterally. Its feet turned inwards like a wombats, giving it a pigeon-toed stance.

Is there a digital reconstruction of Diprotodon optatum?

Three dimensional digital reconstruction of the jaw adductor musculature of the extinct marsupial giant Diprotodon optatum. PeerJ. 2: e514. doi: 10.7717/peerj.514. ISSN 2167-8359. PMC 4137671. PMID 25165628. ^ Diprotodon (fossil marsupial genus). Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved 16 October 2020.

Is the Diprotodon still alive?

Leichhardt suggested the animal still may be alive judging by the quality of preservation, but as the European land exploration of Australia progressed, he became certain it was extinct. Several other species were subsequently erected because adult Diprotodon specimens come in two distinct size ranges.

What is the meaning of the name Diprotodon?

Definition of Diprotodon 1 : a monotypic genus of Australian Pleistocene herbivorous marsupials related to the kangaroos, resembling a rhinoceros in size, and walking on four legs — see diprotodontia 2 diprotodon plural -s : any animal or fossil of the genus Diprotodon

How many species of Diprotodon are there?

The subfamily Diprotodontinae, including Diprotodon optatum, are a Pliocene-Pleistocene group. Diprotodon may have evolved from the Pliocene diprotodontine Euryzygoma during the late Pliocene. A recent study based on dentition has found that there is just a single variable species of Diprotodon, Diprotodon optatum (Price 2008).

What is the history of the Australian Diprotodon?

Diprotodon existed from about 1.6 million years ago until extinction some 44,000 years ago. Diprotodon species fossils have been found in sites across mainland Australia, including complete skulls, skeletons, and foot impressions.

When did the Diprotodon go extinct?

Diprotodon became extinct sometime after 44,000 years ago, after the initial settlement of the continent; the role of human and climatic factors in its extinction are uncertain and contested. Diprotodon is a member of the extinct family Diprotodontidae.

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