What is the meaning of Jink?

jink. noun. Definition of jink (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : a quick evasive turn : slip. 2 jinks plural : pranks, frolics especially : high jinks. Synonyms Did You Know?

How does Jinx’s epicenter work?

The epicenter burns every unit except Jinx for 5 seconds, dealing a percent of the target’s maximum Health as true damage, and reducing healing for the duration. She then swaps to her rocket launcher and targets random units for the rest of combat. Her attacks now explode for 100% of her Attack Damage in a small area around her target.

How do you use the rocket Jinx?

Jinx rides her rocket high into the sky, then comes crashing down near the center-most enemy, dealing magic damage to enemies around the epicenter, and 50% to all other enemies in a large area.

What items are good on Jinx TFT?

What items are good on Jinx TFT? The holder’s Abilities and attacks do 20% bonus damage. If the target has more than 1600 maximum Health, the bonus increases to 60%. Attacks grant +6% bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat. This effect can stack any number of times.

What is the verb for Jink?

v.jinked, jink·ing, jinks v.intr. To make a quick, evasive turn: He jinked every five seconds, and now brought his tank left again(Tom Clancy). v.tr. To cause (a vehicle or an aircraft, for example) to make a quick, evasive turn. n. 1. A quick, evasive turn. 2. jinksRambunctious play; frolic. [Origin unknown.]

What does High Jinks mean?

High jinks often refers to the kind of playful activities that end up with the participants laughing themselves silly. The word almost always implies some level of mischief or rowdiness. It is particularly associated with pranks, but usually the kind of pranks that the pranked person can also laugh at.

Why has Jinks come here to give information?

Jinks, has come here, to give information of an intended duel in this town. Jinks, not knowing exactly what to do, smiled a dependents smile. Jinkslooked humbly at the great man, and bit the top of his pen. View in context

What is the definition of junk for kids?

Kids Definition of junk. (Entry 1 of 3) 1 : things that have been thrown away or are of little value or use. 2 : a poorly made product. 3 : something of little meaning, worth, or significance Theres nothing but junk on TV tonight.

How does the Epicenter work? The unique bass restoration circuit of The Epicenter®, originally patented by AudioControl, looks at the upper harmonics and uses them to digitally recreate low frequency fundamentals (original frequency) that have been lost through compression (MP3s), rolled-off, or simply removed (during mastering).

What happens when you say Jinx first?

How do I beat Jinx?

1 Jinxs minigun takes time to ramp up. If you see her poking with rockets try to jump on her and burst her down. 2 Jinxs ultimate does less damage the closer you are to her. 3 Jinxs snare grenades have a long cool-down and are her primary means of protecting herself. If she misses with them she will have a hard time escaping if engaged upon.

What happens if you say Jinx first in a game?

Know what happens during the game. If you say jinx, the other person is not allowed to talk for the rest of the game. If the other person says jinx first, you are not allowed to talk for the rest of the game.

Can Jinx survive a one on one duel?

As the game progresses, Jinx may be able to survive even a one on one duel with an enemy champion, as well as taking advantage of her passive to achieve multiple murders. Her minigun serves to clean the minions off the lane, as well as in close confrontations with her enemies.

What guns does Jinx have in Pokemon Go?

With a pair of guns known as Pow-Pow and Fishbones, Jinx lights up the battlefield by chaining her abilities to Get Excited! with her passive. Switcheroo! keeps your opponents on-tilt and off-guard, trying to guess which gun youll unleash next.

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