Expert medicals

expert medicals

Why choose expert medical services?

Contact Us Now for a quote! Expert Medical Services can assist you with all your credentialing, billing and practice management needs; whether you run a hospital, multi-speciality organization or you’re a practitioner with your own private practice. We don’t provide a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach.

What is expert medical holding?

Expert Medical Holding – Expert Medical is a private Holding operating in the health industry in Morocco and Subsaharan Africa 1

Is expert medical a money scam?

This place is definitely a money scam. Basically paid money for a code to put on the locator form. Shouldn’t even award a 1 star as Expert… Shouldn’t even award a 1 star as Expert Medical provides totally unreliable and unproffessional service.

What diagnostics does expert medicals offer?

We offer a wide range of diagnostics such as X-ray’s, MRI’s, Combined Nerve Conduction Studies, Electromyogram’s and many more. Expert Medicals use of Triage ensures that the claimant receives the maximum level of support and care from the point of first contact.

Is it safe to use expert medicals?

Do not use them!! Expert-Medicals has been taken from gov site as they don’t comply with the requirements and there is ongoing investigation for all the test they did not full filed. Those are a massive spammers!!! Customer service does not exists.

What is a medical insurance scam?

This is a widespread scam. What is even worse, it’s quite a lucrative business. Criminals send fake insurance agents who convince the customer to buy their insurance policy, thus paying high premiums. However, when the customer claims the payment, these bogus companies do not pay for any medical care.

Is your medical discount card a scam?

However, these are not insurance-covered and cannot be used to pay medical claims. Nevertheless, all the advertisements where you can see “premiums” or “copayments” discount plans or cards are scams. They’re created to convince the victim that they are actually a low-cost insurance policy. Stay away from questionable medical discount cards. 2.

Is expertwired a scam?

Expertwired is NOT a scam, in fact we match industry experts to our clients (private equity, strategy consulting firms and large corporate decision makers) on a daily basis. We offer a modern and user friendly way for our clients to quickly grasp the market insights they need from experienced experts in their field.

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