What does ^^ Gente mean in Spanish?

^ gente corresponds most closely with the English meaning of the word people as a group of two or more persons. In Spanish, as in English, this word does not typically have a plural, since it is a collective noun.

What is Gente Roma?

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What does Muy Poca Gente mean?

Había muy poca gente en la inauguración de la galería.There were very few people at the gallery opening. A word or phrase that is commonly used in conversational speech (e.g. skinny, grandma). A la gente le gusta venir a este parque los fines de semana.Peeps love coming to this park on weekends.

Is there a plural form of “Don gentes”?

The plural is used in several common idiomatic phrases, however, or, rarely, in literature (e.g. don de gentes ).

Whats the difference between gente and persona?

As kawalero says, gente is more impersonal, more general, and personas is some way talking about an specific group of people. I dont think the distinction is about making the word sound more human. In many cases they are perfectly interchangeable:

What is a phrase in Spanish?

A phrase is a group of words commonly used together (e.g once upon a time). Mi gente es del sur. My family is from the South. Extraño mucho a mi gente.

Is there a difference betweenpersonasandGente?

There are expressions where one is clearly preferred to the other, as in: You normally wouldnt say por mis personas, since gente here is used to mean family or very beloved ones, a set of people who mean a lot to you. Far from impersonal, here gente expresses more about your feelings that personas would.

Many nouns in English have a plural form either with an s/es ending or without. For example, when is it correct to use youth vs. youths, fish vs. fishes, or hair vs. hairs?

What is the plural of gender?

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