Pop cereal cafe

pop cereal cafe

What do you have at pop cereal café?

We have veggie milks and lactose free milk available, yogurt, Ice Cream, amazing Freakshakes (huge Ice Cream Milkshakes) or you can come by just for a tasty coffee, Cappuccino or Macchiato. We hope to see you at our Café ;) Cheers, Pop Cereal Café

Where to drink cereals in Lisbon?

In Bairro Alto loyal to wine and beer, Pop Cereal Café, the first café / bar in Lisbon specialized in cereals has just been opened Pop Cereal Café Oporto Pop Cereal Café was the first Portuguese cereal coffee. It opened in Lisbon in the summer of 2016 Pop Cereal Café: opened a cereal bar in Lisbon

How much do your cereals cost?

Our cereal mix (mixes of cereals and yummy toppings) start at 3,60€ and go up to 4,10€ (this one includes Ice cream and Froot Loops btw ;)). You can also make your own cereal and toppings mix which, again, start at 3,60€.

How much does breakfast cereal cost?

The reduced spending has occurred despite a steady rise in the average price of breakfast cereal — the cold variety, not oatmeal and the like — which has climbed from $2.89 a pound in 2010 to $3.09 a pound in the second quarter of this year, according to market researcher Packaged Facts. That’s an increase of just under 7 percent.

How much does a box of oat cereal cost?

$3 to $5. The Iowa State University broke down the costs per cup, and according to their findings, a name brand toasted oat cereal can cost close to $0.17 per cup for an 18-ounce box and $0.20 per cup for a 14-ounce box. A generic store brand equivalent would cost $0.11 per cup.

Is cereal becoming more expensive?

It’s far from the most expensive item Americans put in their grocery carts, but the climbing price of cereal seems to draw more than its share of consternation. Cereal manufacturers are on the ropes. Euromonitor International estimates that demand for cold cereal has fallen in four out of the past five years.

Is the generic box of cereal worth the money?

I don’t like spending over $3.00 for a box of cereal, but in this case, the larger 18-ounce box is less expensive per cup, so worth forking out the money. The generic brand is the best deal at 11 cents per cup. Unfortunately, my family only likes the name brand of this particular cereal.

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