Bus 434 sintra

bus 434 sintra

What time does the 434 bus start and end?

The 434 bus (Sintra Estacao) is a circular line with 27 stops departing from Sintra Estacao. 434 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 9:10 AM and ends at 6:35 PM. Operating days this week: weekdays.

Where is the bus stop in Sintra?

The 435 bus stop, down the street from the train station. T he small bus 435, operated by Scotturb, departs from Rua Dr. Alfredo da Costa, which is parallel to Sintra’s train station.

How to get to Sintra from Estoril?

This ticket is beneficial for tourists who will be travelling to Sintra from Estoril (via route 418) or Cascais (bus route 403) and will be using the 434 bus in Sintra. This ticket costs €15.00 and also includes the 435 bus route, which connects Sintra to the Palácio de Monserrate.

How to plan a day trip to Sintra?

Our advice for a day trip to Sintra, is to start the trip as soon as possible to avoid the coach loads of tourist which arrive mid-morning. In the summer the first 434 Circuito da Pena bus is at 9:15.

Are there bus stations in Sintra and Estoril?

Neither Estoril nor Sintra have conventional bus stations as the towns are to minor and there are too few bus routes. The 418 bus service departs from the front of Estoril train station (Estoril Estação - GPS 38.70351, -9.39870), which overlooks the grounds of the Estoril casino.

How to get to Sintra in Portugal?

If you’re based in the resort towns of Cascais or Estoril and want to visit Sintra, there are buses that terminate in Portela de Sintra (a short walk from the center of town) and by the train station. From Cascais you may take bus 403, which stops in Cabo da Roca on the way.

How do I get to Sintra from Cascais?

From Cascais you may take bus 403, which stops in Cabo da Roca on the way. If you’re closer to Estoril, there’s bus 418, which departs from the train station and takes 30 minutes to reach Sintra.

How do I get to Estoril by train?

For complete details, see the Estoril beaches guide . Estoril lies on the Cascais train line which departs from Lisbons Cais do Sodré station every 20 minutes. The journey time is 36 minutes throughout the day and 28 minutes at rush hours, and the station is right by the beach and the casino.

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