Who are ACSS?

Visit this page to find out ... All Clean Support Services Ltd (ACSS) are professional cleaning contractors based in Bromsgrove, providing cleaning services to businesses and organisations in Worcestershire and throughout the West Midlands.

Who is the new president of ACSS?

Victor Herdeiro was appointed the new president of ACSS, according to the Order No. 2810/2021, of 16th of March. With a law degree, with a specialization in Hospital Administration, the new president was previously the vice president of the Agency for Clinical Research and Biomedical Innovation - AICIB.

What is the difference between L3Harris and ACSS?

L3Harris has hundreds of global dealers selling avionics, recorders and displays for business and general aviation platforms, as well as helicopters. ACSS, an L3Harris Technologies and Thales Avionics joint venture, designs, manufacturers and provides support for surveillance and communication products used in aircraft, helicopters and UAVs.

Why did ACSS hold the 13th delegate assembly?

Because of a unique bargaining unit alignment, salaries for excluded employees in the Health... ACSS 13th Delegate Assembly was a Huge Success! Despite the pandemic, ACSS hosted a successful in-person 3-day event at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in...

What is the ACSS program?

The ACSS is proud to offer a program that teaches knowledge and skills that are essential to sanctions professionals working in a variety of settings, including: financial institutions, international corporations, law firms, consultancies, and government.

Why should I join ACSS?

In the case, it was reported that the defendants... ACSS membership is designed to help you network and grow as a sanctions professional. Gain access to industry leaders, participate in training, and tap into vital resources. Our Certified Sanctions Specialist, or CSS, program sets the standard for the profession.

What are the requirements to get ACSS certification?

ACSS Certification eligibility is based on a points system. Candidates who wish to take the CSS Examination must have a minimum of 40 qualifying credits based on education, other professional certification, and professional experience in the sanctions field, in addition to providing 3 references. I passed the CSS exam and my company paid for it.

What is the Association of certified sanctions specialists exam?

The Association of Certified Sanctions Specialists offers an examination that addresses knowledge and skills common to all sanctions professionals in varied employment settings, including financial institutions, international corporations, law firms, consulting companies, government, and other trades and businesses.

Why choose L3Harris for your ACSS?

(Please select all options that apply.) L3Harris has hundreds of global dealers selling avionics, recorders and displays for business and general aviation platforms, as well as helicopters. Thales Avionics is the exclusive sales and support agent of ACSS products to Commercial Air Transport customers operating Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

What is L3Harris NextGen electronic standby instrument system?

The L3Harris NextGen Electronic Standby Instrument System is one of the most advanced standby instruments designed to mirror primary flight displays (PFDs) for airspeed, altitude, attitude & slip data in aircraft & helicopters. Find out more.

Does L3Harris offer a warranty on Lynx Software?

If you go to an authorized L3Harris Dealer or Aspen Dealer, they can submit a warranty claim. For Lynx software upgrades to version 3.2.1 or 3.2.2 we will reimbursement the Dealer for up to 1 hour of labor. Bear in mind that the man-hours will vary according to the shop’s level of experience with Lynx.

What is T³CAS® traffic collision avoidance?

The L3Harris T³CAS® Traffic Collision Avoidance System is an integrated communication and surveillance system that combines multiple, proven products into a single small, lightweight system.

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