What does Quercus stand for?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quercus - Associação Nacional de Conservação da Natureza (Quercus - National Association for Nature Conservation) is a Portuguese environmental organization founded in 1985.

How many species are in the genus Quercus?

The genus Quercus (oak) contains over 500 species, some of which are listed here. The genus, as is the case with many large genera, is divided into subgenera and sections ( see Taxonomic ranks in botany ).

Is Quercus deciduous or evergreen?

Note that the change from the deciduous to the evergreen term (or vice versa) has happened on numerous occasions in the genus Quercus, and does not necessarily indicate that the species concerned are closely related. White oak redirects here.

What does Quercus smell like?

Quercus (which is Latin for Oak) is a beautiful warm citrus woody scent. It starts off with the Citrus burst of Lemon and Lime but quickly warms into the heart of the Oak which gives it a beautiful warming undertone as the citrus and woody notes blend together.

What is the medical definition of Quercus?

Medical definition of Quercus: a genus of hardwood often evergreen trees or shrubs (family Fagaceae) that comprise the typical oaks and include sources of nutgall.

What is the scientific name of oak tree?

Quercus - oaks. genus Quercus. hamamelid dicot genus - genus of mostly woody relatively primitive dicotyledonous flowering plants with flowers often unisexual and often borne in catkins.

Is Quercus a non-profit organization?

On their website, Quercus declares itself to be a non-profit national environment organization, independent from political parties. Quercus is a Portuguese organization, but it has concerns about the environment outside Portugal as well.

What does Quercus do on TV?

On television, Quercus has a regular one-minute show, giving advice on how anyone can contribute to a better environment. Some of the organization messages and campaigns are usually noticed on TV, specially if they speak about a current newsworthy issue like the plans to build a new airport in Lisbon.

What does Quercus look like in the fall?

Quercus imbricaria (Shingle Oak) is a large deciduous tree of pyramidal habit in youth, eventually becoming rounded to broad-rounded with age. The foliage of narrow, oblong, lustrous dark green leaves is unlobed and turns yellow-brown to russet-red in the fall.

What is the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous trees?

Another apparent difference is that evergreen trees require higher amounts of nutrients for survival compared to deciduous trees, especially during bad weather conditions. The reason for this higher energy requirement is that evergreen trees do not shed their leaves at that time.

Are Quercus trees hardy in Australia?

Quercus - Plant Finder - Gardening Australia - GARDENING AUSTRALIA Hardiness varies, with the evergreens generally less hardy than the deciduous species. Most oaks are too large and ground robbing for small gardens but are magnificent specimen trees for large gardens, arboretums, and parks.

What is Quercus bicolor?

Quercus bicolor, the swamp white oak, is a North American species of medium-sized trees in the beech family.

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