Male birth control

male birth control

What are the birth control options for men?

What are the birth control options for men? 1 Permanent birth control. There is only one form of permanent birth control solution for males, which is a vasectomy. ... 2 Barrier methods. The following are some barrier methods of male birth control. ... 3 Behavioral methods. ... 4 Clinical trials. ... 5 Summary. ...

Should men consider male contraceptives to avoid pregnancy?

Still, men have several options to help avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Why consider male contraceptives? For one thing, the pill isn’t foolproof. Or your partner may not be able to take the pill because of side effects. Or they may not use any forms of birth control.

Does the male birth control shot work?

While the male birth control shot is showing a lot of signs that it will work, more research still needs to be done before this birth control method can be widely used by men as a birth control option. There are some side effects that need to be considered and fixed.

Are men getting closer to a birth control pill?

Men may be one step closer to having a birth control pill of their own thanks to experiments in cells recently conducted by IRP researchers. Birth control has long been mostly one-sided, as the vast majority of contraceptive methods are intended exclusively for women.

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