Weather madeira

weather madeira

What is the weather like in Madeira?

Because of Madeira Islands privileged geographical position and mountainous relief, have a surprisingly mild climate.Very mild average temperatures, 25ºC in the summer and 17ºC in the winter, and a moderate level of humidity, confer upon this island exceptional subtropical features.

What is the weather like in Funchal?

So, during the day in Funchal it’s around 20 ºC and at night it’s usually above 14 ºC. Thus, this temperature range is particularly appealing to northern European tourists, who seek Madeira as a winter sun destination.

What is the annual wind regime in Madeira?

The annual wind regime is different on the north coast and on the south coast of Madeira Island, with prevailing winds from the NE at Ponta do Pargo (42%) and in Arieiro (40%), E in Ponta Delgada (40%) and SW in Funchal (21%), but in São Lourenço the prevailing wind is from the N (39%). In Porto Santo the prevailing wind is from the N (29%).

Where is Madeira?

Marooned in the Atlantic, 280 miles from the nearest land, Madeira is its own world of fine wines, exotic flowers and mythical landscapes. Jack Pitts explores this idyllic island at one of the most enchanting and beautiful times of year Cámara de lobos, Madeira © J. A. Alcaide Lying on the same latitude as Casablanca, the Portuguese archipelago […]

What are the prevailing weather conditions in Madeira?

The prevailing weather conditions in the region of the Madeira Islands, found at 16.54 W longitude (West) and 32.38º N latitude (North), are mainly determined by the subtropical anticyclone of the Azores.

What is the prevailing wind in Portugal?

The prevailing wind is the northeasterly trade wind that gathers off the Portuguese coast and runs down to the Cape Verde Islands. It brings moisture and large sea swells to the north coast, and often, particularly in the morning, adversely affects the weather on the eastern end of the island, between Caniço and Caniçal.

What do the arrows mean in the wind statistics for Madeira Airport?

The arrows point in the direction in which the wind is blowing. Check the wind statistics for Funchal/Madeira Airport when you want to find the best last minute travel destination for your kiteboarding, windsurfing or sailing vacation in Portugal.

What is the weather like in Madeira in January?

66°F 19°C. August is the hottest month in Madeira with an average temperature of 73°F (23°C) and the coldest is January at 61°F (16°C) with the most daily sunshine hours at 8 in September. The wettest month is January with an average of 108mm of rain.

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