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jordan low

How much is a Jordan 1 low se Blue Worth?

Jordan 1 Low SE True Blue Jordan 1 Low SETrue Blue 100% AuthenticCondition:New Size: All Buy or Bid Size: 11.5 $176 Sell or Ask Size: 10.5

How much is a Jordan 1 mid SE all-star worth?

Jordan 1 Low SE All-Star (2021) (GS) Lowest Ask $96 Last Sale: $144 Jordan 1 Mid SE All-Star (2021) (TD) Lowest Ask $95 Last Sale: $90 Jordan 1 Mid SE All-Star (2021) (PS) Lowest Ask $126

Why are Air Jordan lows so popular?

As Air Jordan Lows have risen in popularity, some fans even prefer the low versions of Jordan shoes to their original designs. Most Jordan models have been released in low versions. The is arguably the most popular, taking the vintage high-top silhouette and condensing it into a slimmer, more lightweight shoe.

Is the Jordan 1 low the same as the doppelganger?

Both models are rooted in performance-basketball, and were designed by Peter Moore. The Jordan 1 Low isnt as coveted as its “doppelgänger,” but its historically boasted a similar knack for bold color-blocking, playful themes and experimental construction.

What is the lowest price for a Jordan 1?

Last Sale:$149 Jordan 1 Low SE Multi-Color (W) Lowest Ask $397 Last Sale:$375 Jordan Son of Mars Low True Blue Lowest Ask $220 Last Sale:$240 Jordan 1 Elevate Low SE University Blue (W) Lowest Ask $131 Last Sale:$144 Jordan 1 Low Marina Blue (W) Lowest Ask $133 Last Sale:$143 Jordan 1 Low SE Mighty Swooshers Lowest Ask $286 Last Sale:$487

How much is a 2011 Jordans bred worth?

Release Date: June 2, 2011 Average Resell Price: $1,363 Editor’s Notes: While the black and red (Bred) colorway wasn’t anything new in 2011 when the “Banned” Nike Air Jordan 1 dropped, the red “X” and the original “Nike Air” label on the tongue were, which is why this specific iteration is worth so much more than 2009’s “Bred” Air Jordan 1.

What are the most expensive Jordans to retail?

Nike released Air Jordan 1 Low Dior, and this was the most expensive Jordan to retail ever after Air Jordan 1 High Dior — the low top retailed for $2,000 and was released in a limited quantity that is rumored to be 8,000 units, and yet the shoes have gained 220% value in reselling market ever since then.

What colour is the Jordans 1 midsole?

The colourway sits on top of the classic white Jordan 1 midsole and combines a predominately light blue upper with contrasting black panels across the toe box, collar, and tongue. In terms of the smaller details, it comes with a black Nike Swoosh and Wings insignia on the back, plus a modern-day Jumpman logo in blue on the tongue.

Why are Air Jordans so popular?

Air Jordans are popular because of the impact Michael Jordan had on the game of basketball and the classic design, which also had a huge impact on the sneaker world with it’s aesthetic. The Air Jordan 1 was the first basketball sneaker that transcended basketball while it was still new.

Why are Air Jordans so expensive?

Another reason why Air Jordans are so expensive is because Air Jordans are made out of more material than normal shoes (ex. running shoes). Air Jordans are popular because of the strong brand name, Michael Jordan’s cultural impact, and the status associated with wearing them.

What is the difference between high and low Jordans?

The first difference which is quite unnoticeable would be, the mids have 8 lace holes, whereas the high ones have 9 and lows have only 6 lace holes. Another difference is of length, 72 inches is the length of the high Jordan, the mids are 63 inches, and the low Jordans is 54 inches.

Are Jordans worth the money?

The Jordans offer a great value in the market today, which sets them aside from other sneakers. Many people believe that these shoes will give them the best performance other than lesser quality sneakers; they are willing to spend a bit more money on these sneakers.

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