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How do I get Internet Explorer on my computer?

To open Internet Explorer, select Start , and enter Internet Explorer in Search . Select Internet Explorer (Desktop app) from the results. If you cant find Internet Explorer on your device, youll need to add it as a feature. Select Start > Search , and enter Windows features.

How do I open Internet Explorer in Windows 7?

Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 7 In the search box on the taskbar, type Internet Explorer, and then select Internet Explorer in the list of results. In the upper corner of Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, and then select About Internet Explorer.

Does Windows 11 have Internet Explorer (IE)?

If you have installed Windows 11, you may find its default web browser is Microsoft Edge and there is no Internet Explorer (IE). According to Microsoft, the IE browser is disabled in Windows 11 since Microsoft Edge now includes the IE Mode feature.

What is the latest version of Internet Explorer for Windows 7?

If you’re running Windows 7, the latest version of Internet Explorer that you can install is Internet Explorer 11. However, Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported on Windows 7. Instead, we recommend you switch to Microsoft Edge.

How to find Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

Another Way to Find Internet Explorer on Windows 10 Computer. Here is another way to locate Internet Explorer on a Windows 10 computer and pin it to the taskbar. 1. Click on Windows 10 Start button and click on All Apps. 2. Scroll down the list of apps till you find Windows Accessories folder and click on it. 3.

How do I open Internet Explorer on my computer?

1 Step 1. Open This PC. You can access This PC via File Explorer or type This PC in the Windows search box to find and... 2 Step 2. In This PC, copy and paste the location of the Internet Explorer C:Program Filesinternet explorer in the... 3 Step 3. Double click iexplore.exe from the list to open Internet Explorer. More ...

How do I install Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows computer?

Press Ctrl + J in your web browser. This opens a list of your recent downloads. Click the file that begins with EIE11_EN. This is the Internet Explorer installer file, and it should be at the top of the list. A security message will appear. Click Yes to confirm. Another confirmation will appear. Click Install.

How do I add Internet Explorer to my Windows 10 taskbar?

Right click on Internet Explorer in the Cortana/Search window. To add Internet Explorer as a tile on your Start Menu click Pin to Start. To keep it on your taskbar simply click Pin to taskbar. Now, every time you need to use IE its just a click away.

What is the keyboard shortcut to open IE in windows 7/8? While there is no specific keyboard shortcut, you can press the Win key and then type internet to make Internet Explorer appear in the search results. Thanks! Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

How do I make Internet Explorer my default browser Windows 7?

How to use Internet Explorer in Windows 11?

To use Internet Explorer in Windows 11, follow these steps: Open Microsoft Edge browser on your PC. Click on the three-dotted icon on the top-right corner. Select Settings from the list. Choose Incompatible sites only from the drop-down list. Choose Allow from the next list. Open any incompatible website in the Edge browser.

Can I get Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge?

Although you cannot get Internet Explorer as you did in Windows 10 or other older versions, you can use this browser inside Microsoft Edge. For that, you need to enable the Let Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge and Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode settings.

How to fix Internet Explorer not working in edge windows 11?

To get sites that require IE to work inside Edge in Windows 11, the first step is to open Edge and go to the three-dot menu all the way on the right side of the top menu bar. Choose Settings, which is nearly at the bottom: 2. Navigate to Default Browser Now head to the Default Browser section of Edge’s Settings page.

Why do I need IE11 If I have edge?

IE11 is provided in addition to Edge because some websites/apps may not be compatible with Edge (Edge doesnt support add-ons yet for example). When you come across such a website if your using Edge you can quickly try switching to IE11 by selecting the 3 dots ( ...) near the top right then Open in Internet Explorer.

The new version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 comes to Windows 7 Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 is available to users of Windows 7. Which Ie Version Is Best For Windows 7? Windows 7. The Windows Explorer 11 user edition for IT Professionals.Windows 7 should be using Internet Explorer 11.

Can I download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 (64-bit)?

Can I Download Internet Explorer 11 For Windows 7? Only the Official Microsoft Download Center can be downloaded for Internet Explorer 11 (64-bit). How Can I Update Internet Explorer 11 To Windows 7?

Whats new in Internet Explorer 11?

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