What is wordwall and how does it work?

Wordwall là công cụ dạy học trực tuyến dùng để thiết kế những nội dung thực hành cho học sinh như trò chơi. Các thầy cô sẽ thiết kế nội dung học sinh cần làm trên Wordwall với những mẫu có sẵn, sau đó gửi link cho học sinh để luyện tập và làm bài.

How many Dungs can you have in wordwall?

Với tài khoản cơ bản miễn phí thì bạn sẽ chỉ được phép sử dụng 18 nội dung tạo trò chơi cho học sinh và 5 nội dung tạo mới mà bạn có thể tự tạo từ nguồn có sẵn. Sau khi chúng ta tạo xong tài khoản Wordwall sẽ tiến hành tạo nội dung. Nhấn Create Your First Activity Now để tạo trò chơi cho học sinh.

How can wordwall help with vocabulary revision?

Although some features can help other aspects of language learning, Wordwall feels most useful for this kind of vocabulary revision. Research shows that exposing students to vocabulary at ‘spaced’ intervals is helpful to their learning, and this is even more helpful if there is some kind of task, such as grouping words or typing them out correctly.

Can I use wordwall for self-study?

For any level of learner, Wordwall has potential to be used for self-study, as you decide which content to use in the activities. You can set tasks for groups or individual learners by giving them an access code (although remember there is nothing to stop someone else doing the activity for them!).

Can wordwall be used for interactive and printable activities?

Wordwall can be used to create both interactive and printable activities. Most of our templates are available in both an interactive and a printable version. Interactives are played on any web-enabled device, like a computer, tablet, phone or interactive whiteboard.

What is a word wall?

A word wall is a collection of words which are displayed in large visible letters on a wall, bulletin board, or other display surface in a classroom.

What are assignments and wordwall activities?

Assignments provide your students with a more focused way of completing the task, without lots of distracting options aimed at teachers. They also allows you to track the students results. Wordwall activities can be placed on another website using a snippet of HTML code.

What is the purpose of the mathematics word wall?

Number sense, concepts, and operations word wall. The purpose of the mathematics word wall is to identify words and phrases that students need to understand and use so as to make good progress in mathematics. Mathematical language is crucial to childrens development of thinking.

Why use word wall bulletin boards in the middle school classroom?

Studies prove that a student’s vocabulary is the best predictor of academic success, so I have grown to LOVE using word wall bulletin boards in my middle school classroom. Not only do they look good, but they are a nearly effortless way to promote vocabulary growth.

How to use a word wall for homework?

Add Visuals Assign kids to find or draw pictures that illustrate the word for homework and then add them to the word wall. This ensures that the kids are thinking about the words outside of class. The pictures also add an important visual quality. 5. Use a Concept Wheel

What is a word wall and why do we need one?

For a long time, word walls were just for elementary school and foreign language classrooms. However, more and more middle and high school teachers are using them as tools to engage our friends and create a literacy-rich environment. We want kids to engage with the word wall. It shouldn’t just be decorative.

What is a mini word wall and how does it work?

A mini word wall is a wonderful source of reference for students to use when reading and writing. It is also perfect if wall space is limited because you can change your classroom display without risking that the students will forget the words. It’s great to watch students reference their personal word wall.

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