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How to spend days on holiday in Lake Como?

Days on holiday in Lake Como can be spent leisurely exploring the Lake and its coastline if not by foot then hire a bicycle or boat to travel by. Alternatively, take the weight off your feet and travel by gondola up the mountain for unbeatable views.

Where is Lake Como? introduces you to Lake Como. Sitting in the shadow of the Rhaetian Alps, Lake Como, or Lago di Como, is widely considered to be the most beautiful of the Italian Lakes. While temperatures in the lakeside towns are high during the summer months, the backdrop of the rolling mountains remains dusted in snow.

Where to stay in Lake Como Italy?

On a holiday in Lake Como you can base yourself in one of several pristine lakeside towns, from the exquisite Bellagio on the southern shore, to the larger town of Lecco on the south-eastern corner of the lake. The destinations main town is also its namesake, Como.

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How long to spend in Lake Como?

Ooops - Should have been: #2) Lake Como 3 days (1 day travel plus 2 full days). So this totals up to 14 days. Day one will be Jet Lag day. It is best to have day one as a unstructured day. You have maybe one day of wiggle room in this itinerary so you can fine tune it some.

Where to go sailing in Lake Como?

Beaches in Lake Como are the perfect place to relax during the hot summer days, and in some cases they also give you the opportunity to go sailing or windsurfing. Beaches can be found in every corner of Lake Como, but if you’re looking for clean and pure water, I recommend you to head toward the central and northern parts of the lake.

Where to stay on Lake Como?

Many of these gorgeous communities offer accommodation for travelers, so the options are plentiful! The three most popular towns for a Lake Como itinerary are Menaggio, Bellagio, and Varenna, each with its own unique charm. Bellagio is the most well known. It’s glamorous, classy, and admittedly a little pricey, but it’s also absolutely stunning!

What is Lake Como famous for?

Lake Como is celebrated for its wonderful weather; the area surrounding the lake enjoys an average of 200 days of sunshine per year! The climate is mild and consistent, with small variations in temperature both daily and throughout the year.

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