Orbea bikes

orbea bikes

What are Orbea bikes?

Orbea produces and builds a variety of road, mountain, triathlon, and urban bikes. They are rather proud of their Orca, Avant, Rallon, Occam, and Ordu models; all famously seen in a variety of competitions. In 2017, Orbea took the dive and started to produce an e-bike model called Gain.

Is Orbea Orca a good brand?

Orbea Orca is the most popular performance road bike this Spanish company makes. It’s intended for professional cyclists aiming to win high-profile races, but the diversity of models and prices makes it suitable for amateurs, Strava hunters, and weekend warriors as well.

How much travel does the Orbea occam have?

All Orbea Occam bikes have 140mm of travel on the rear and forks with 140-150mm of squish, provided by Fox suspension parts. This capable trail bike rolls on massive 29″ wheels and wide tires that also push the limits of what you can do when shredding the trails.

What happened to Orbea?

By 1934, Orbea was participating in the Tour de France; the company managing to snag road cycling legend, Mariano Cañardo, as the team’s lead. In Eibar, Basque Country, Spain. In 1969, after more than 30 years of excellent products but dwindling profits, Orbea was treading water; it was way in the red.

Are Orbea bikes any good?

Orbea is a popular manufacturer of premium bicycles based in Mallabia, Spain. It is already a big name in European cycling, and it is confidently growing its presence in the USA too. Orbea is a well-known brand that has been making some of the best bicycles in the world for decades.

What does racing mean to Orbea?

For Orbea, racing is how you prove youve got the bike. It’s what motivates our R&D to keep making better and better bikes. Were seeing a bit of a shift in the industry away from racing as a focal point but to us, theres no better way to learn and show that your bike is up to snuff than winning races.”

What is Orbea Orca Carbon?

Orbea has previously sponsored and supplied bikes to teams, including the now-defunct Euskaltel–Euskadi professional team in the Basque area of Spain and the Herring Gas team in the USA. Samuel Sánchez rode an Orbea Orca Carbon to win the road race at the Beijing Olympics and Julien Absalon won the mountain bike gold on an Orbea Alma.

When did the Orbea gain e-bike come out?

Launching at the end of 2017, Orbea introduced the Gain e-bike model available in both road and hybrid model. Further to this they introduced the electric assisted Orbea Wild mountain bike in 2019. ^ Archived copy.

What is the travel of the Orbea Occam trail bike?

The standard 140mm travel Occam carries on as the dedicated trail bike. Orbea decided to make this change to the Occam after seeing how people were riding the bike in the real world. It found that riders were loving its versatility and pushing its limits, hence the decision to up rear-wheel travel.

What is the difference between the Orbea Occam and Oiz?

As Orbea’s enduro platform, the Rallon, gained more travel (160mm/170mm) and their cross-country XC bike, the Oiz settled at 120mm travel, Orbea decided to simplify the Occam platform into a pure 140mm travel trail bike, available only with 29” wheels. The result? A bike that’s been completely redesigned from the ground up. New Orbea Occam.

What is the 2022 Orbea Occam Lt?

The 2022 Orbea Occam LT: this bike is a mystery! Ah yes, trail bikes- usually somewhat short in suspension travel, but still quite relaxed, with ever slackening head angles and growing wheelbases, these bikes usually have near-enduro geometry with near-XC pedaling efficiency.

Is the Orbea Occam high-end build right for You?

The Orbea Occam high-end build is one of those bikes that can be delivered to your door with a fresh, true to you, paint job, and be ready to hit the trails. . However, you did not come here to find out how rad you can make your bike look.

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