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vampire survivors wiki

What are characters in vampire survivors?

Character | Vampire Survivors Wiki | Fandom Characters are what the player controls to move around in a stage. Each character starts with its own unique weapon and passive bonus. There are currently 18 official playable characters, 2 of which are secret characters.

How many people play Vampire survivors on Steam?

While Vampire Survivors was initially obscure on release, by late January 2022 it became a hit and reached over 30,000 concurrent players on Steam. This number continued to climb the following month, with the game peaking at 77,061 concurrent players on February 20th.

Why did Luca Galante make vampire survivors?

Developer Luca Galante explained that he created Vampire Survivors because he wanted to manage a community, based on his past experience as being an admin for an Ultima Online server. The game was inspired by Magic Survival, a mobile game that also consisted of a character automatically attacking enemies.

What is the time limit for vampire survivors sessions?

Sessions of Vampire Survivors have a soft time limit of 15 or 30 minutes, depending on the stage chosen. At the time limit, the stage is cleared of all enemies and a final enemy named Death will spawn.

How many characters are there in vampire survivors?

In Vampire Survivors, released on Dec. 17, 2021 for PC, players have a choice of 16 characters from which to choose; 18 characters if the secret ones are included. Two of these characters, Suor Clerici and Dommario, were just introduced on January 30, 2022. The characters in this game all come with their own unique bonus (or ability).

What is a secret character in vampire survivors?

These Secret Characters come equipped with unique, over-the-top starting weapons and attributes that quickly make them some of the most memorable Characters in Vampire Survivors, but you should be prepared to tackle widely varying tasks to add them to your roster.

What do you need to know about vampire survivor?

These items are vital if you wish to use Vampire Survivor weapon evolutions to maximise a weapon’s damage output. The game also locks new characters behind requirements, such as leveling up your gear to a certain threshold, finding items in a level, or slaying a quota of monsters.

How do I unlock other characters in vampire survivors?

Antonio Belpaese is the only character available to pick at the start of the game, but you will quickly unlock other characters by meeting specific criteria while playing the game. Here are all fifteen unlockable Vampire Survivors characters ranked.

The Ender is a fusion of all five grim reaper enemies, a Super-Reaper if you will, and unlike every other enemy in the game, it fights back. Is the Vampire Survivors Ender a tough fight? Not really, but only if you have the best Vampire Survivors builds. However, the main issue for newer players is that you may struggle to find the final boss.

What is Galante and vampire survivors and how does it work?

Obviously, the world had much grander plans in store for Galante and Vampire Survivors, a game inspired by a mobile game called Magic Survival, where players move a wizard around, attacks happen on their own, and the screen fills with more enemies. Sound familiar?

What happened to Luca from Vampire survivors?

Luca is an Italian who moved to the UK to be a game developer, working in the gambling industry before making his breakout hit. He left Vampire Survivors without any story mode, intro cutscene, or even vampires in favor of focusing on the action and gameplay loop.

Who is the developer of vampire survivors?

Audio player loading… PC Gamer recently spoke to Luca Galante, the sole developer behind indie hit Vampire Survivors.

Why did Galante make magic survival?

Citing a game called Magic Survival as one of his inspirations, Galante originally just wanted to “try make my own version of the game just for fun”. The prototype was “ugly to look at but really fun to play, and that’s how we started.”

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