Aprilia tuareg 660

aprilia tuareg 660

What happened to Aprilia’s Tuareg 660?

Way back in November 2019 – before we’d even heard of COVID-19 – Aprilia hid the still-secret Tuareg 660 adventure bike in plain sight on its EICMA show stand. The machine was covered in fake foliage and stuck in a glass box as the backdrop to the Tuono 660 that was being officially unveiled.

What is Tuareg 660?

In un settore schiavo dei compromessi della guida entro-fuoristrada, Tuareg 660 traccia un nuovo percorso: performance da riferimento in ogni condizione e dotazioni da autentica adventure. È la magia della piattaforma Aprilia 660: leggera, intelligente, completa e tremendamente efficace.

What makes the Aprilia 660 so special?

In an industry bound to the compromises of all-terrain riding, the Tuareg 660 charts a new course, offering benchmark performance in all conditions and authentic adventure equipment. Thats the magic of the Aprilia 660 platform - lightweight, intelligent, complete and tremendously effective.

How does the Aprilia Tuareg compare to the Yamaha Ténéré 700?

The Tuareg features Aprilia’s 660 parallel twin, retuned and housed in a new frame with long travel suspension for genuine off-road chops as well as on-road handling performance. It’s a direct rival for Yamaha’s Ténéré 700 – but can it match the Yam’s all-round brilliance?

When will the Aprilia Tuareg 660 be available?

Considering Aprilia just introduced the all-new 2021 Tuono 660, we likely won’t see the Tuareg 660 before early 2022. At least we know it’s coming and we’re happy about that. Got a tip for us?

What makes the Tuareg 660 so special?

The Tuareg 660 is faithful to Aprilia chassis tradition - synonymous with excellence - thanks to a new tubular steel frame coupled with aluminium brackets and connected to the engine at six points, a wheelbase of just over 1500 mm, and the careful distribution of weight and centralisation of masses.

Is the Tuareg back on the road?

Roughly a year after Aprilia hinted at its adventure bike’s return, a first Tuareg test mule was spotted on the road, in September, 2020, which confirmed that the company was indeed working on a trio of mid-size bikes. The Tuareg is out and about once again!

Will there be an Aprilia 660 trifecta?

Since EICMA 2019, there have been rumors of an Aprilia 660 trifecta. The Italian firm took the stage with its all-new mid-size sportbike, the RS 660, alongside its stripped-down counterpart, the Tuono 660 “Concept”.

How does the Aprilia RS 660 feel to ride?

The Aprilia RS 660 feels very light and compact between the rider’s legs. The Italian brand says that it aimed to have the RS 660 fall between the Yamaha YZF-R6 and Kawasaki Ninja 650 in terms of rider positioning and comfort, and this is actually a pretty good way to describe the Aprilia RS 660 overall.

Is the Aprilia Tuono 660 the first 660cc bike on the market?

Now, Aprilia wants in on the game, and the Italian brand is betting big with its 660cc platform. First on the market is the Aprilia RS 660, but we expect soon to see the Aprilia Tuono 660 naked bike, and perhaps this time next year, the Aprilia Tuareg 660 ADV machine.

What makes the RS 660 Rs 660 so special?

All practical stuff is taken care of, too, with mirrors that work, light controls, a screen that’s high enough to keep the wind off tall riders and a low seat height for those short in the leg. It’s no accident the RS 660 is light and tightly packaged and it’s all been achieved without resorting to exotic materials.

Is Aprilia a good motorcycle brand?

Out of all the motorcycle brands that need to make a good impression on consumers, and instill a sense of confidence in its products, dealers, and post-sale support, Aprilia is that brand in the motorcycle industry.

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