Ninja saga

ninja saga

What is ninjaninja Saga?

Ninja Saga is a Social Networking Site (SNS) game created and developed by Emagist Entertainment Limited. Ninja Saga is a very casual online ninja roleplaying game that uses elements based on the Naruto anime/manga series. It contains massive animations and skills to bring complete satisfaction to its players.

What kind of game is Sega Ninja?

Sega Ninja. Sega Ninja (also known as The Ninja) is a 1985 arcade game released by Sega. The game features Princess Kurumi (くるみ姫 Kurumi-Hime), the titular female ninja, battling enemies using throwing knives and throwing stars.

Is ninjas Saga available on Facebook?

Ninja Saga has first been publicly released on Facebook and every feature is available on Facebook. Ninja Saga was later ported to MySpace and Orkut but not every feature were available in the MySpace and Orkut ports.

What can I add to the Ninja Saga Mobile version?

Add missions, skills, items, weapons, NPCs, enemies, and other stuff from the mobile version of Ninja Saga. Add rules, guidelines, policies, etc. to the Ninja Saga Wiki.

Is the Ninja Saga wiki a non-profit?

DISCLAIMER: This Ninja Saga Wiki is a non-profit, fan-based Wiki. This Wiki is not affiliated to Ninja Saga or Emagist Entertainment Limited. All images on this Wiki are all copyrighted to Emagist Entertainment Limited.

What devices is Ninja Saga compatible with?

iOS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Ninja Saga is a mobile game created by Emagist Entertainment Limited for the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android and it is based on the Ninja Saga social networking site application but this version of Ninja Saga is different from the Social Networking Site ( SNS) version.

What are the rules for the Ninja Saga wiki?

Add rules, guidelines, policies, etc. to the Ninja Saga Wiki. Although the rules right now are simple: No vandalizing, no spamming, no adding false information or changing information to be false, no gibberish, English only, no flaming, no trolling, and have fun!

What was the first anniversary event in Ninja Saga (iOS)?

Emagist celebrated their first Ninja Saga (iOS) anniversary during version 1.2.8 by giving everyone 300% mission XP reward and reducing the Gold Weapon price even further. But the first anniversary event, entitled Shinobi Matsuri wasnt until version 1.2.9 until the end of version 1.2.11.

Is Ninja Saga shutting down on Facebook?

Ninja Saga reports that they will stop operating from Facebook starting December 31, 2020. Because from that date, all browsers will start removing the Flash Player feature. Even some items from the game will also be deleted.

Can I still play Ninjago Saga after December 31st?

Ninja Saga will not be available after December 31st because it runs with Adobe Flash, which will be shutting down soon. After this date, you will no longer be able to play the game and all in-game purchase items will be forfeited. You can continue playing the game before that day or look for other great games.

How to play Ninja Saga on the website?

To be able to play Ninja Saga on the website, you can log into Ninja Saga. To be able to log in, you are required to go to the official website. After that, go to Headquartes, and select NS Membership, enter your email and password for your Ninja Saga account.

What happened to Ninja Saga after 10 years?

Gamers who often play internet cafes in the 2010s will definitely remember one of the games that faithfully accompanied the warnet. Yep, Ninja Saga is a very popular game in those years, because one of the advantages is that it can be played via Facebook. But after 10 years, now the game will stop operating from Facebook.

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