Cm lisboa

cm lisboa

How do I get to CMS Portugal?

Contact CMS Portugal to find out more about our services. Our legal experts and specialized industry teams are ready to welcome you in Lisbon. Our office is approximately 25 minutes away by car from Lisbon Airport. Leaving the airport, take Relógio roundabout and take the first exit to 2ª Circular.

Where is the Centro Cultural in Lisbon?

To the west of the gardens lies the Centro Cultural de Belém. Belém is one of the most visited Lisbon districts. Here is located the Estádio do Restelo, house of Belenenses .

How many lawyers does CMS Portugal have?

Our team of more than 90 lawyers includes specialists in renewable energy, litigation, restructurings, and project finance, and has consolidated experience in transactions involving multiple jurisdictions. Contact CMS Portugal to find out more about our services.

What is the population of Lisbon in kg?

With an estimated population of 505,526 within its administrative limits in an area of 100.05 km2, Lisbons urban area extends beyond the citys administrative limits with a population of around 2.8 million people, being the 11th-most populous urban area in the European Union.

Re: Which area is the city centre of Lisbon? What the portuguese consider downtown in Lisbon is the area called Baixa. Whatever you choose remember that Lisbon is the city of 7 hills (at least) and that some are quite steep. Image the Montmartre hill almost everywhere.

What to do in Lisbon?

How many legal professionals work at CMS?

More than 5,000 legal professionals across the world work in sector-based teams and are trained in project management. CMS offers specialist, business-focused advice in law and tax matters to clients operating in complex business and constantly changing regulatory environments.

Who is CMS law?

Founded in 1999, CMS is an integrated, multi-jurisdictional organisation of law firms that offers full-service legal and tax advice. With 70+ offices in 40+ countries across the world, employing over 4,800 lawyers, CMS has longstanding expertise both at advising in its local jurisdictions and across borders.

Why choose CMS Portugal?

At CMS Portugal you can count on the solid experience of a firm whose origins date back to 1964 and which, since then, has evolved to become one of the references in the Portuguese legal practice thanks to the excellence and commitment of its professionals.

Who are the Best Lawyers in Portugal?

‘Nuno Líbano Monteiro, Pedro Metello de Nápoles, Rita Samoreno Gomes, and Joaquim Shearman de Macedo are all very good and experienced lawyers.’ ‘ PLMJ is a top quality firm.

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