Why choose perlim Opal bio?

Soucieux pour ses producteurs de valoriser l’intégralité de leur production de pommes Opal Bio, Perlim a mis en bouteille toute la puissance aromatique et le subtil équilibre sucré/acidulé de cette petite pomme jaune, d’aspect très rustique, particulièrement bien adaptée à l’altitude des plateaux limousins.

Who is perlim?

Perlim is building on 50 years of arboricultural expertise in Périgord and Limousin and emerging as the leader in the production and marketing of AOP Limousin apples and Périgord walnuts. At the end of the 1960s, a handful of fruit growers and traders founded the Perlim group, named after the regions of Périgord and Limousin.

Why choose perlim for high volumes?

for high volumes. With its new apple variety, OPAL ® Organic, Perlim is innovating in order to offer its clients and the end consumer organic production that can meet their needs in terms of volume, packaging and quality.

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What is Opal made of?

Chemically speaking, opal is a form of hydrated silica, with the chemical formula SiO₂ · n H₂O. Unlike most gemstones, opal isn’t crystalline. That means the silica doesn’t form in a nice, neat crystal structure. Instead, it forms as microscopic, amorphous spheres.

Why are Opals so popular?

Opals have been the muse of artists, writers, and other creatives since what seems like the beginning of time. The exact origin of opals name is disputed, but historians are confident that in ancient Rome opal was known as opalus which translates as the precious stone.

How to distinguish between lab-grown Opal and real Opal?

This professionalism endows the opal the precious value while this vertical fire is the key feature to distinguish lab-grown opal from the others. Bello Opal and Galaxy Opal with the unique vertical fire are good examples of lab-growth synthetic opal.

What is the difference between Opal and common opal?

In gem-quality opal, the play of color arises from silica spheres with a uniform size and closely packed structure. Common opal or “potch,” in contrast, has silica spheres with a wide range of sizes jumbled together.

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