What is bunq and how does it work?

bunq offers a range of online financial services, primarily through its own mobile app. The companys app enables customers to open one free transaction account, or up to 25 accounts for a monthly fee. Additionally, customers can request money from friends, split bills, and make payments in real time. Businesses can also open a bunq account.

How to open a bunq account in Ukraine?

Download the bunq app, sign up and choose an Easy Bank account. Once you’ve verified your identity with a valid Ukrainian passport or identity card, we’ll automatically open your free account.

What is bunq MasterCard?

With a bunq Mastercard, you’re free to travel the world with one of the most internationally accepted bank cards without being overcharged for payments abroad. Explore other ways to bank local wherever you are. One of the best accounts on the market. bunq provides a great product.

How much does a bunq pack cost?

Create a bunq Pack and enjoy 4 Easy Moneyaccounts, or 3 Easy Money and a business account, for just €23,99/month. Works great with... Shared Savings Goals

Should I use bunq in the UK?

However, it may be a good idea if you spend a considerable amount of time in mainland Europe and you’re looking for a flexible EU bank account that works well in the UK. If that’s the case, using bunq in the UK is relatively simple. Card payments are free – bunq uses the Mastercard exchange rate, which tends to be one of the best ones around.

How do I get Started with bunq?

You can then start using bunq. If you’re mostly based in the UK but also spend a lot of time abroad, you may want to consider the bunq Travel Card, known as easyTravel Personal. It’s basically a prepaid card that you can use worldwide without foreign transaction fees. It doesn’t charge a monthly fee either.

What is bunq’s Green Card?

bunq’s Green Card is a metal card, known as easyGreen Personal, that can be used with any bank account. bunq plants a tree for every €100 you spend with your metal card. It aims to “make the world a greener place with zero effort” (from you, that is). The card is made of stainless steel and has a 50% longer life than a regular plastic card.

Is bunq the bank of the free?

bunq’s tagline is “the bank of the free”, as it promises to set you free from all limitations and paperwork, giving you full control of your banking experience. Considering that Bunq doesn’t offer any account in sterling, it isn’t an obvious choice for consumers who live, work and spend most of their money in the UK.

How do I verify my identity with bunq? If you already have a Dutch bank account, you can verify your identity by setting up an iDEAL transfer. If you already have a bank account in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, or Spain, you can verify your identity by completing a SOFORT transfer.

What is bunq’s travel card?

In their Free Plan, Bunq offers a debit card the so called Travel Card. The travel card is nothing new, it’s a debit card – Maestro or MasterCard – that you can use for any transaction anywhere. And like anyone would fairly ask:

What is bunq and how does it work?

bunq also comes with a fully-fledged debit card, including that of a social responsibility program that plants a new tree every time you spend €100. With the card issued by MasterCard, you’ll be able to use bunq to purchase goods and services online and in-person. Moreover, you can also withdraw cash from an ATM.

Where can I withdraw cash with my bunq debit card?

ATM Withdrawals: You can withdraw cash with your bunq debit card at any ATM that accepts MasterCard. You’ll be given 10 free withdrawals per month, after which you’ll pay €0.99 per transaction.

What is the sustainable bunq metal card?

The sustainable bunq Metal Card was introduced in November 2019. Apart from planting a tree for every 100 Euros spent, the card itself is produced in an environmentally friendly way, from packaging to production 2.

Create a bunq Pack and enjoy 4 personal accounts, or 3 personal and 1 business account, for just €23,99/month. Get started How does it work? Save 30% on monthly feesby banking together with friends. Create a bunq Pack and enjoy 4 Easy Moneyaccounts, or 3 Easy Money and a business account, for just €23,99/month.

Why choose the bunq app?

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