Bijou brigitte

bijou brigitte

Who is Bijou Brigitte?

As one of the market leaders in the fashion jewellery and accessories sector in Europe, the Bijou Brigitte Group operates a network of more than 990 stores in Germany and abroad.

Where is the Bijou-Brigitte store?

Selling a wide range of jewellery and accessories, the Bijou Brigitte store is located slap bang in front of the Cercanias departures area, built underneath the main escalators. Bijou Brigitte store underneath the escalators. Bijou-Brigitte is a German fashion accesory company, operating more than 1,000 stores across Europe.

What is Bijou Brigitte concession stores?

In 2008 Bijou Brigitte introduced the new distribution concept Concession Stores to Germany. The display stands, presenting a selection of top articles from the Bijou Brigitte product line, were developed in-house. In the mean time there are more than 400 Concession Stores in Germany, Italy, Spain and Austria.

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