Festival portimão 2022

festival portimão 2022

Whats happening in Portimão?

The worlds biggest hip-hop festival touches down in Portimão for the first ever European edition, and the first ever held on a beach, complete with a characteristically packed lineup of rap royalty.

How to watch secret project Festival Portugal 2022?

If you are not able to watch Secret Project Festival Portugal 2022, you can go live and watch this event via online streaming on the channels given below: We are excited to be in our 15th year that covers all event! Check out our new recruiting page. The 2022 season is coming up this fall!

Where are the best music festivals in Portugal in 2021?

Now one of the countrys most celebrated electronic music festivals, expect only the most influential and genre-defining names at the historic and charming port town of Viana do Castelo. When & Where: 11-14 August 2021, Viana do Castelo

Why choose sidecar tours in Portimão?

The sidecar tours around the city of Portimão and surroundings are a great way to get to know the area, while on a fun and exciting journey.

What is Mundialito and the Portuguese stage?

One is Mundialito, a competition that brings together the best national teams in the world for a beach soccer tournament, the other is the Portuguese Stage of the European Beach Soccer League.

What is Praia do Vau in Portugal famous for?

Between Praia da Rocha and Alvor, Praia do Vau is a gorgeous beach that is often ignored in favour of its better-known neighbours. It’s an alluring stretch of golden sand, with those famous orangey cliffs backing up the west and east ends, and a small holiday community in the middle.

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