Huawei watch d

huawei watch d

What is the price of Huawei Watch D phone in Singapore?

Huawei Watch D Phone Price in Singapore (Island, Singapore City) starts from SGD 172. Huawei Watch D Mobile with 4 GB internal storage, Black color, No rear camera and No front selfie camera, Processor Unisoc, ProprietaryOS, Battery Capacity 160mAh Non-Removable with 10 days backup, Huawei Watch D watch 1.64 inch display.

What are the specifications of Huawei Watch D?

Huawei Watch D features a 1.64-inch AMOLED square high-definition large display, 280X456 resolution, support IP68, which provides waterproof and dustproof devices. The body of the Watch is made of aviation titanium.

Does the Huawei Watch D measure blood pressure?

But, the Watch Ds main highlights are its ability to record your ECG and measure blood pressure. The Huawei Watch D uses Huawei TruBP, which employs micro air pumps and airbags for wrist-based blood pressure measurement.

How does the Huawei Watch D provide accurate ECG and ECG results?

For ECG, the Huawei Watch D relies on the TruSeen 5.0+ technology, which uses eight circular photoelectric sensors and a pair of luminous sources with a curved glass sapphire lens and PVD-coated ECG electrodes to filter out interference and achieve accurate results.

What is the Huawei mobile phone Price in Singapore?

Singapore is a sovereign island city-state in Southeast Asia. The amount of mobile phone users in Singapore is about 4.6 million because the mobile phone is the easiest way to communicate. There are millions of Huawei Mobile Phone Prices in Singapore, ranging from SGD 137- SGD 2,574.

What are the specifications of the Huawei Watch D?

The Huawei Watch D features a 1.64 inches AMOLED display with a screen resolution of 280 x 456 Pixels and runs on ProprietaryOS Operating System. The Smart Watch is powered by Quad-core processor and Unisoc chipset. It has 4 GB Built-in storage. The Huawei Watch D runs ProprietaryOS and is powered by a 160mAh Non-Removable Li-Ion battery.

How many times can I measure my blood pressure with Huawei Watch D?

With HUAWEI WATCH D, You can measure your blood pressure up to six times a day, and still enjoy a formidable 7-day battery life, meaning that theres no tradeoff between health and convenience.

What are the different types of Huawei phones?

There are several mobile phone series of Huawei. The most famous Huawei series are MediaPad, Huawei Enjoy, Huawei Mate, Huawei P, Huawei Y, and Huawei Nova. The division of these Huawei series according to their price range in Singapore is as follows.

What is watch D by Huawei?

HUAWEI WATCH D packs intricate blood pressure components, like a mini pump and airbag, into a highly-compact form. The 2.5D curved glass shimmers and glimmers with each turn of the wrist, complementing a durable aluminum alloy frame, with two handy buttons to take you to your tasks. 1

Does Samsung’s Smart Watch 3 have a blood pressure sensor?

Smart wearables have been adopting more and more health-related features, and after several companies introducing ECG to their watches, Samsung decided to go one step further and introduce a blood pressure-measuring to the Watch3 through a small sensor. That one required initial setup using a dedicated blood pressure measurement device, though.

What is SpO 2 monitoring 7 on watch D?

HUAWEI WATCH D provides SpO 2 monitoring 7, so you can keep track of your blood oxygen levels.

What is the margin of error on the watch D?

HUAWEI WATCH D features a margin of error within ±3 mm Hg*, made possible by a high-precision pressure sensor, meticulous pressure feedback controls, and less air-resistance.

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