Float in spa lisboa

float in spa lisboa

What is float in Spa?

Well in the heart of Lisbon, Float in brings to you a unique Spa concept, that among several massages and spa treatments, has an innovative method of relaxation - The Floatation Therapy. At Float in you will find a place of serenity, with relaxing sounds and a quiet environment.

Which is the best spa in Lisbon?

SPA OF THE RITZ FOUR SEASONS LISBOA – The best spa in Lisbon As in many world capitals, the Four Seasons Ritz spa is still very prestigious and highly sought-after. In Lisbon, it is no exception to the rule and it is truly the best spa in the Portuguese capital.

What to expect at float in?

At Float in you will find a place of serenity, with relaxing sounds and a quiet environment. In all the treatment rooms of all the 3 spas located in Lisbon, you will find an exclusive design and the comfort of private showers where you have towels and hygiene products available for your use.

What is a float session?

Includes more than 2 hours of deep delight with a massage from the menu and a Float Session or a Facial Treatment. Float session deeply relaxes, eliminates stress and helps you sleep better. An experience of unique sensations and with many therapeutic benefits. This massage is preferred by Float in customers.

Why choose the float spa premium floating system?

The Float Spa Premium Floating System provides unparalleled hygiene – thanks to our external water reservoir tank and our complex 4+1 steps water cleaning filtration system – which is essential for long term customer satisfaction. Our water cleaning system is the outcome of years of float tank development with the help of a team of experts.

How often does the float spa clean the water?

If there is no flotation session during the day, the Float SPA tank automatically circulates and cleans the water several times a day. The water regeneration process consists of chemical, physical and mechanical cleaning methods, achieving a perfect result.

What happens during a float session?

During a 60+ minute session, you will enter a luxurious float room and immerse yourself in an Epsom salt bath. The solution is heated to body temperature, and the Epsom salt allows you to float, giving you the sense of weightlessness. You are in total control of the environment—including light and sound options.

What is an epsom salt float spa?

A float spa (also called a float center) is a location with one or more shallow pods filled with approximately eleven inches of water containing a high concentration of Epsom salt, creating a relative density of approximately 1.275. The water is heated to the same temperature as the skin.

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