Best restaurants in lisbon

best restaurants in lisbon

Where to eat in Lisbon?

The Multifood group has spread its tentacles throughout Lisbon, always in a safe and quality way. Tapisco, the harmonious marriage between tapas and snacks, is another example of a beautiful restaurant with friendly service, well-dressed employees, with a vermouth bar and, icing on the cake, signed by Henrique Sá Pessoa.

Is there a Russian gastronomy in Lisbon?

We must say this without fear of reprisals: the people of Lisbon did not welcome Russian gastronomy as much as other food in the world (hopefully Putin does not know how to read Portuguese). Proof of this is the lack of expression of such restaurants in Lisbon.

Why is Lisbon a great city for restaurants?

This is why we have no doubts when we say that the city of Lisbon lies in a strategic spot to combine delicious food, great weather and cool vibes. Let’s find out more about the best restaurants in Lisbon!

What are the best places to eat in Como?

Sushibar Tavernola “Very tasty, very friendly!” 29. La Colombetta “I enjoyed fresh oysters while my wife had a fresh artichoke appetizer, each w...” “We recommend the Taglialinni Lobster (for 2) starter.” 30. Pizzium - Como

Why Lisbon?

Why Lisbon? If you’re dreaming about your next trip to Europe, come and discover Lisbon, a historical city full of stories to tell, where the sun shines 290 days a year and the temperature rarely drops below 15oC.

Is Lisbon a good city to live in?

Talking about that, Lisbon stands out as one of the safest places on the continent to live. The city competes with other European capitals such as Vienna and Helsinki and is one of the three safest European metropolises. 5. Excellent location for business

Is Lisbon thecoolestcity in Europe?

According to the American television chain CNN, Lisbon is the coolest city in Europe. It praised the nightlife, as well as the fascinating streets of the historic districts. The proximity to fantastic beaches is also identified as a major asset, as is the gastronomy. Lisbon is the third most hospitable city in the world.

What to do in Lisbon?

Discover Lisbon, a city full of authenticity where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. Lisbon is ageless, but it loves company, as you’ll find out if you meet someone and ask them to explain, with lots of gestures and repetition, where the best place is to listen to Fado.

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